Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 4: Lego Soap Dispenser

My boy loves Legos. He plays with them, talks about them, dreams about them. Now he can wash his hands with them. This was a super easy "craft" that my five-year-old really enjoyed putting together with me. And, I must add, he is just tickled with the idea of using the soap now!

Lego Soap Dispenser

You will need:
1 clear plastic empty soap dispenser (I used an old Soft-soap container and removed the label.)
Clear hand soap
12-15 Legos in a variety of colors

Unscrew lid to the dispenser. Put in about 1/2 inch of soap. Then put in a few Legos. Keep layering soap and Legos until you fill the dispenser. Screw the lid back on. Wash your hands and enjoy!

Results: Easy to do!  Legos tend to float to the top, but that will only bug me, I'm sure.  :)

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wendy said...

thanks! a very good idea for my boy, too

wendy said...

thanks! a very useful idea