Saturday, August 1, 2009

Crystsal Cove w/ "Mike and Tia"

After Troy and I had our one-night get-away for our anniversary, Mike and Genevieve (AKA "Tia" to Jackson) brought our little boy to come to the beach with us. We ate lunch and then we all headed to Crystal Cove, in my opinion, the best beach around! :)... We went to the tidal pools and saw land crabs and hermit crabs and some fish. Jackson really enjoyed that. However, he didn't like the waves, or the cold water. I don't blame him! He LOVED the sand, though, and we are having to teach him not to throw it!Our traditional feet-in-the-sand photo!Jackson's reaction to the cold waves... :(Jackson's reaction to the sand!
Cuteness!Michael and Genevieve (Mike and Tia)Jackson, Madelyn, and I
Jackson gets a good look at a Hermit Crab.Jackson is fascinated with ocean life!
Our family photo @ the beach (ignore the funky hair and Jackson's scared face!)