Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A goal of mine...

...is to not become so behind in my posts!  I have been extremely busy, but I am hoping that within the next week, things are going to slow down.  Just a quick update on things, though....
~Michael got married to Genevieve on Saturday.  The wedding was beautiful and they both looked (and are) very happy together!  Troy and I were in the wedding party, and Jackson was a ring bearer.  He did a great job walking up the isle with the flower girl!  He also looked so spiffy in his vest and tie!
~We are still house-hunting.  We would like to buy a house before July 1st, but we know that is in the Lord's hands.  That is a comforting fact considering the house market  is crazy now!  Multiple offers on every good deal!
~Tomorrow at 6:15 in the evening, Troy and I are going to find out the gender of our baby.  Of course, knowing Troy's family history, I will be completely shocked it our baby is a girl!
~Another big thing has happened in our lives, but I can't put it in the blog yet for a few reasons, so once the time comes to announce it on the web, I will let you know what that "big thing" is!
~I got my hair cut...and look very different than before.  Some don't even recognize me!
~I can't find my camera changer.  When I find it, I will get photos up!
That is all for now!  Thanks for hanging in there with my blog in this busy time in my life!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I'm sure those who read my blog have noticed that I have been MIA for quite some time...something like 6 weeks! I don't know if I have ever gone that long without posting! My life has been extremely busy, and somewhat hectic lately. Troy's life has been the same. I keep telling him that it is only a season. I need to remind myself of that fact often!

So, here is a "quick" update of what has been going on the last 6 weeks:

~Troy, Jackson and I all got sick with a stomach virus at the same time. It was miserable. I got a shot to keep me from vomiting and to help with the nausea. It really worked. I lost 4 lbs in the process of being sick, and Jackson lost 2. We have gained the weight back since then.
~Our friends, Matt and Tiffany just got married a couple weeks ago. They are a wonderful couple that we have seen grow from "just friends" to husband and wife. Tiffany was so thoughtful to ask me to be in the wedding. I will have pictures posted soon, but for now, you can go to our photographer friend, Marlin Munoz's blog, to see photos of the bride and groom. Marlin take beautiful photos! He was assisted by Jeret Slack, who also posted photos on his blog.
~We went camping in Joshua Tree last over this past weekend. It was great weather while we were there, although David and Robyn said it was extremely windy the night we left. Jackson loved camping and being able to sleep in a tent. He also loved spending time with his cousins, Luke and Ellie, and playing in the dirt. It was more of a challenge, however, for me, being tired and pregnant, and having to keep Jackson in one place! Good thing Troy watched him a whole lot! I will post pictures of that trip soon as well!
~Our computer went ker-plunk. I was doing so much work on it (most of the reason for my busy-ness), and Troy did a bunch of work on it as well, we think the hard drive may be somewhat fried. Hence, the reason for me not posting any new pictures up yet. I can't put anymore on our computer until we wipe out the hard drive!
~Concerning the pregnancy, I am no longer feeling sick. It has been such a wonderful improvement! I am still tired ALL THE TIME, but that is better than being tired and sick all the time. My hip also spasms all the time as well. This is from an injury that I had in my first pregnancy that never went away. So, its back with vengeance. I really do thank the Lord for Icy Hot. It is a life saver! I have an appointment for a pre-natal check up next Wednesday, which is when I will be scheduled for THE ULTRA SOUND....yup, that is right! The one when we (hopefully) get to find out the sex of the baby. I will be absolutely shocked if it is a girl, seeing as they are a rare occurrence in our family. We shall see!
~Michael (my twin brother) and Genevieve (my friend from high school) are getting married in a few weeks. I have been busy planning her shower and bachelorette parties. I am anxious to see how they turn out! I will update you!
~Here are some pictures that I haven't posted yet from the end of February and the beginning of March:
This is the smile I get when I ask Jackson to "say cheese!"
Jackson's favorite food is fries. He asks for them all the time, although I don't give in all the time. I did find a healthier way to make them. I bought organic fries and cooked them in olive oil. That way he gets a healthy fat!This is Jackson when he was sick. His first Curious George stuffed animal was a casualty to his first throwing up experience. So, this George that Di gave him has come in handy! They even got to wear their pj's all day together!Jackson also loves ketchup...can you tell?
One of Jackson's favorite things to do when he is happy is dance. Here is a picture of him breaking out some moves!