Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I forgot to include this photo in the last post. Genevieve, me, and Jenni on Christmas Eve!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve

This year, Troy and I spent Christmas Eve with my family. Genevieve, Michael's fiance was nice enough to let us use her house for the get together. We had a lot of fun and I actually liked it better because I got to spend a lot more time with both of our families this way.
Genevieve and Michael with the ornament that Michael proposed with.
Jackson's favorite thing about Genevieve's house was the stairs. Up and down...up and down! A special thanks to all who climbed up and down with him!These sisters know who to have fun! (Sorry, I couldn't resist posting this makes me smile!)Four generations: Jackson, Jackson's Mom, Jackson's Grandma, Jackson's Great-Grandma!The four siblings...Michael, Me, Jenni, and Tim(my)....the last time we all took a picture together was my wedding!Me and my sis!
The family has been a loooong time since we all took a photo together!

My Aunt got this dog for Jackson. The lights on the antlers light up and the dog sings "Winter Wonderland." Jackson was mesmerized!
Happy Boy!
Happy Grandmas!
Jackson: Model. When a camera is around, he stops and poses. Jackson in his Christmas PJs. Genevieve and Michael with the "bride and groom" gingerbread cookies I decorated for them.

The dinner spread.
The snack spread. Don't think we were lacking anything!

Monday, December 29, 2008


Please pray for Mark...he was taken into emergency surgery this morning because the pressure in his brain is going up. Please pray and spread the news to pray...thanks!

Friday, December 26, 2008

More Couch Cuddles

A day off should always include a good cuddle on the couch in your pajamas.

Funny Boy!

At a very early age, Jackson has been blessed with his father's since of humor. On a regular basis, Jackson will take his sock off his foot, place it on top of his head, and declare, "hat!" as he giggles. It makes us laugh, of course, and he really enjoys that. Recently, he decided it was extremely hilarious to put a cat toy in his mouth. He laughed uncontrollably as he pranced around with the green toy in his mouth. We couldn't help but laugh ourselves! Jackson enjoys a good laugh, and is often the one who started the laugh. That does sound a bit familiar!

Hollywood and Highland

Our favorite place to shop in Hollywood is Hollywood and Highland, and specifically at the GAP there. We went down to LA for a tour of a recording studio, then ate at Sharkey's, and headed to Hollywood and Highland. For the first time, I realized why my aunts, who live not too far away from there, don't ever seem interested in meeting us there. TOURISTS GALORE! And, I must admit it isn't the tourists that are bad. It is the people who are trying to get their money and their business. There are waaay too many random super heroes trying to get these poor tourists to snap a photo with them (for a tip only). I'm just going to be blunt here...I will never let my kid take a picture with a Spiderman who smells of alcohol and urine! NEVER! And, I am sure that Darth Vader is really cool to all the kids, but, Captain America and Flash...not so much! I won't even get started on the dirty cartoon character costumes. What parent is going to want a dirty Sponge Bob to take a photo with their child??? I also can't count the times we were asked if we wanted to go on a bus tour by the same people! So, to my aunts who read this blog. I completely understand why you two stay clear of this tourist trap!
With all that said, we still love the GAP there. I was disappointed, however, when I discovered that they had no good deals, so we decided to make the best of it and take some photos of Jackson there. APARRENTLY, that is not allowed, accourding to one of the employees there.

Jackson drank from a straw all by himself for the first time at Sharkey's. Big boy!Jackson modeling a silver GAP puffy jacket. Notice that it is a few sizes too big. That is they style with the kids these days. Its all the rage.Jackson and Uncle Noah.

Furture Recording Artist

Jackson took a trip with the class Troy teaches to a recording studio in LA. He really enjoyed the experience and was interested in [touching] everything! He especially liked the piano. With the great rhythm and good taste of music he has, we wouldn't be surprised if he became a musician one day!

Last Disneyland Trip....

We took our last Disneyland trip of the year in the beginning of December. Our passes expired this week. :( Here are some of the photos:Our family photo in front of the FAKE Christmas tree at Disneyland. Yes. That's right...the tree isn't real this year. It is plastic. Sigh. It just wasn't the same.Jenni, Jackson and I in front of the tree...if you are worried that Jackson's feet were cold, they were, but that didn't keep him from pulling his socks and shoes off!
Jackson watched Fantasmic for the first time, and, boy, was he amazed! I don't think his eyes could get any bigger than that!
He couldn't smile for the picture because he was watching the show.
Jenni and I in front of the beautiful castle. They really did it up nice this year!
The fam in front of the castle.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hang in there....

So, for all of you who read my blog, and are missing having pictures of Jackson up here, please hang in there! I hope to have time for a good post before Christmas! Thanks for your patience! So, until then, here is a picture of Jackson (I hope I didn't post this one already!) ...And, please keep praying for Mark! His pneumonia isn't clearing, and until that happens, they can take him off the paralytics or sedation he is under, which means they can't test for any brain activity. The nurse said tonight that it is going to "be a while" before we will see anything. Sigh...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Keep on Praying!

(Photo by Scott Montgomery)

Mark has been transferred to Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo. He had a Craniectomy (the right side of this skull was removed) today and it went well. We are still praying for a miracle. For more of an update, please visit ....the site name changed to make it easier to access. Thank you again for all your prayers!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Second Opinion

Please keep praying for Mark. We just got news of a second opinion. For for info, and to leave comments for the family, please go to Troy and a few friends are trying to keep the site updated. Thank you for all your prayers! God is truly glorified when His people cling to Him in prayer!


Troy, Jackson, and Mark

Our cousin Mark was in a severe motorcycle accident yesterday (I am writing this slightly after midnight, so it was just today for me) and has serious head trauma. He is on life support right now. The doctors have a grim outlook on his chance of survival. Christians, please pray that he Lord will perform a miracle----that Mark would wake up and be completely healed. And, if the outcome is as grim and the doctors expect it to be, please, please, please pray for comfort for the family. Mark is a Christian. He is married to Angie and they have a 6-year-old boy named Nolan (some of you may remember him as the little boy who pulled the wagon up the aisle in our wedding). It is a very difficult situation. Those words don't do it justice. Please pray. Thanks.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Like Father, Like Son.

Youth Conference they come!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Back in Sac

Last weekend, we headed up to Sacramento for Troy's Grandpa's funeral. The funeral went well. Troy got the opportunity to preach the gospel, and Noah got the opportunity to sing a few songs. It was a beautiful, clear, crisp day for the funeral and it was held in a beautiful location. It is always a great blessing to attend a funeral where the gospel can be shared.

It was a long trip there and back, but we made it through all right. Jackson just had to stop every few hours. Overall, Jackson was a real trooper, and let us know when he wanted to go outside by saying "mail." (He says "mail" for outside because I always go outside with him to get the mail...clever kid!).

We also went a few places in Sacramento. We went to Old Town and to another old mining town called Placerville. So, here are a few photos from our road trip.

Jackson and his Poppy take a nap in the back seat.

Pea Soup Anderson's
We stopped at Pea Soup Anderson's for some soup. Jackson really enjoyed his soup...
I mean he really, really...
really enjoyed it!
(And so did I!)
Jackson and Poppy...Hap-Pea, and Pea-Wee!

Old Town Sacramento
Jackson roaming the streets of "River City."The Fam on the tracks.The tracks.The American RiverOld TownWe found a really cool place to take photos!

"Momma, please?""Plllleeeaase?"
The Fam in the oldest hardware store West of the Mississippi...established 1847. They had the best caramels, too!
Jackson found a treasure amoungst the tools!What do you have on your head, Poppy?!?