Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sweet Sibling Love

This was the scene in our kitchen one rainy morning. So sweet.

What Does it Matter?

Often I find myself frustrated because I can never keep my kitchen clean. Or my laundry pile under control. Or organize the ever-growing piles of paperwork in the office. Or organize my time. Or organize anything for that matter. I find that most people will say the same things in response to my frustrations. First---that it will happen in time, and second, that it doesn't matter in the long run. But, what if it DOES matter to me? What if it stresses me out to see the kitchen a mess (and when I say a "mess" I mean it looks that a miniature tornado passed through the kitchen and destroyed everything in its path.) It does matter to me when my husband looks in his empty underwear drawer and asks if he has any underwear to wear...I had no idea he was even out because I'm not that organized. It does matter to me to be organized....I want to be organized so we don't loose important tax papers or my keys---including a very expensive automatic key for our Camry (both of which happened this week). It matters to me because when life is chaotic, I FEEL it, like a weight on my shoulders. It makes me weary. I suppose it is okay to fail at things and in the long run, it may not matter that much. But, I think it is okay to conclude that my life, and my family's life would be a whole lot better, that is, it would run a whole lot smoother if I was more organized. Perhaps I should go visit, like several have suggested. I've looked at the site before. Maybe I will get inspired once more. I guess I am learning to show myself some grace. I do have a toddler and an infant. My attention is constantly on taking care of them. As my mom reminded me the other day, they are my MINISTRY. I'm just thankful that even when I lack the ability to show myself grace, God continues to show me His grace.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Adventures in Potty Training

A few weeks ago, we started to potty train Jackson. It had gotten to the point where he was spreading his legs to urinate and you could actually hear him go---he was going that much at once! Diapers were no match for that amount of liquid all at once!
The first day of the training I had already decided there was no going giving up and no resorting back to diapers (except for naps and bedtime). This day was the hardest. We had several puddles on our floors, went through several changes of clothes, and at the end of the day, I was wondering if Jackson would get the concept yet. But, by the end of the second day, he was going just fine and only had one accident. By the third day, he was TELLING me he had to go on his own. He went # 2 in the potty and was very please with himself. But, by the fith or sixth day, Jackson started to go #2 in his pants. He started to hold it in because of one painful potty time. Constipation plagues him unless I pump him with fiber. I'm still finding creative, low-sugar ways to do this. Now, I'm giving him so many chances to chow down on fiber, he can't "hold it in" for days at a time, but, he still is going in his pants. We even will smell him and know that he has to go. We put him on the potty and he refuses to go, saying he doesn't have to. Ten minutes later, we discover he has gone in his pants. He doesn't want to put a diaper on, though. It is hard enough to convince him that he still needs a diaper for naps and nighttime. Soooo...I'm running out of ideas here. Its been suggested that we bribe him. We promised him Hot Wheels tracks if he goes, and he likes that idea, but it obviously isn't enough to encourage him to go in the potty. Going in his pants isn't as bad as going on me, which happened a few days ago. He stood up, refusing to sit on his potty, and well, just let it all out. Ewww. I think I would rather clean up throw up. Anyway, I'm hoping this situation improves soon. The fact that he won't even put a diaper on to go really makes it challenging. At least he is "pee-trained"! Does anybody have any suggestions on getting him to go #2 on the potty? Should we actually get the Hot Wheels Tracks and put them up so he can see them? I hope something works soon!

Baby's Got Bumbo

Several weeks ago, I posted on my Facebook status that I wanted a Bumbo seat for Madelyn and asked if anyone had one they were interested in selling. A friend from a fellow Reformed Baptist Church responded and we agreed to trade the Bumbo for some boy clothes. I gave her several boy outfits in a size that no longer fit Jackson and she gave me the Bumbo seat. It was a great swap, in my opinion!

The Quotable Jackson

Jackson has been potty training. The first time he went # 2 in the potty, he pointed at the toilet bowl and shouted, "Look, mom, there is chicken in there!" I told in that in one form or another, yes, there was chicken in there. Smart boy.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

FREE BareMinerals

You can score a FREE 10-day sample of BareMinerals foundation at Sephora (inside JC Penney) ...just CLICK HERE to get your coupon! :) I love Sephora and I love when they give away free stuff, so I had to share! Yea!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Madelyn @ 5 Months!

This post is a bit overdue! Madelyn turned 5 months old back on January 26th, but as I always say, better late than never! She has turned into such a sweet, even-keeled baby for the most part, aside from some "stranger anxiety", but that is to be expected at this age. A little less than a month ago, after she was waking up through the night every 1 1/2 - 2 hours, we decided to try giving her some rice cereal. She loved it and is now waking up on average 1-2 times a night, with the first feeding time being between 3-4. Let me just say that I have experienced months without REM and I'm not sure how I functioned, mainly because I don't remember most of that time! She is happier, Jackson is sleeping better (so he is happier), and Troy and I, of course, are happier because we are getting better sleep!
Aside from sleeping better and eating more, Madelyn is gaining weight. She has chunky thighs now, which is extremely adorable to me! Jackson never got chunky. I told Madelyn that she better enjoy her chunky thighs now because this is the only time they are considered cute! :) that I'm typing that out, that seems a bit insensitive of me...
Madelyn is also laughing now. It usually takes some provoking to get her to chuckle, but lately, she has been giggling as I change her diaper and giggling at her brother when he plays with her. I love to see their interaction! Its priceless!
As far as sitting us goes, she is almost there, but she still needs support for the most part. As far a rolling over, she can roll over from her back to her side and almost from her stomach to her back.
She is already showing personality differences from Jackson. She is more reserved, but if she feels good, she will talk your ear off. Sounds like a girl, right? :)
I still marvel at the fact that I have a girl. It was said that my husband's family just doesn't have girls, but God obviously had other plans for us. I love dressing her in coordinating outfits and I love how at just 5 months old, she is already really girly!

The Quotable Jackson

The other day when we were expecting company, Troy said to Jackson, "Come on, let's pick up!" Jackson gave Troy a curious look and said, "Who's coming over?" What a smart boy to connect the two ideas! Although, that doesn't say much for the way our house usually looks... (Good thing we have people over a lot!)