Thursday, September 25, 2008

The reason why I take pictures...

The woman who was our Jungle Cruise boat operator at Disneyland on Friday told Troy and I that if we were going to have more kids, we would need more cameras. She said this because while we were riding the Jungle Cruise, I had the camera out snapping photos of Jackson, and Troy had our video camera out recording him. The Jungle Cruise is currently Jackson's favorite ride at Disneyland, which is special to us because Troy was a Jungle Cruise operator at one time. Anyways, this lady thought we were taking too many pictures and was obviously annoyed by it, even though she said somewhat sarcastically that she was "just kidding." My thoughts on this are if I have a camera, and want to take pictures of my child, I can take as many as I want. Most of you know that Troy and I like to be creative, so getting behind the camera gets those creative juices flowing! The truth is, I was annoyed by her comment and I had to vent. I am sure you all don't mind all the pictures I take! And, don't worry...I'll keep on taking them!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our Staycation

You may be asking yourself, "What is a staycation?!?". Well, to define it, a staycation, as I was told be Troy on Saturday, is when you can't go away for a vacation, so you stay near to home, but get "away" anyway. That is exactly what Troy, Jackson, and I did this weekend. On Friday morning, we headed to Disneyland and spent the afternoon there. Then we headed to the Hilton in Costa Mesa and checked in for a one-night stay. After checking in, we headed out to Corona Del Mar beach for our church's annual beach night. We stayed at the Hilton one night, and in the morning, we headed to Roger's Gardens in Newport, and to Ruby's Shake Shack at Crystal Cove. We topped that off with a Harvest High School Reunion to visit all of Troy's friends he had in the Harvest youth group back in high school, and a trip to Chick-fil-a. All in all, I had a wonderful weekend spending time together. Troy has been working on Tuesdays and Thursdays (teaching/lecturing), so I have missed him! Here are some picture from our "staycation." Enjoy!Jackson looked awfully cute in these sun glasses...too bad he wouldn't keep them on!Me, Jackson, Troy, Michael and Genevieve on the Train. This was Jackson's first time on the train and he was absolutely amazed by it!Jackson and Uncle MikeJackson and Troy having some fun in the hotel roomJackson was very excited about staying in a hotel room. The first thing he did was jump on the bed and squeal. The next thing he did was crawl from one end of the room to the other. After that, he discovered the sliding glass door.Jackson looks into the sunset at Corona Del MarPastor Robert shows off the rattle snake he killed and skinned on his property. He brought it to cook on the fire. Yum. The guys all said he tasted like chicken. I must admit, I had no interest in verifying that.One of my favorite things to do at the beach...singing around the bon fire.Me and my boy!Genevieve and IKirsty and IKirsty and Jackson looking at the waves (funny...they both have the same expression on their face. )The Autumn display at Roger's GardensIf I were to buy a garden hat, I would buy this one.This was the most amazing rose I have ever smelled! It's too bad you can't smell it!Troy and I enjoying the relaxing ocean breeze while sitting in the gazebo at Roger's Gardens. Here is a random fact...the gazebo there is actually the original Disneyland bandstand. It was originally right at the beginning of Main Street, and was moved due to the fact that it blocked the view of the castle. It was moved several times to different locations in Disneyland, then finally moved to Roger's Gardens in the 70's.The view from Ruby's Shake Shack at Crystal Cove

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Book Worm

Jackson loves books. He loves books more than toys, it seems! He will sit by the bookshelf in his room and go through all his books, over and over again. Then, he will ask me or Troy to read a book, and before we know it, he has several books stacked on our lap to read to him! It is sooo cute!

For the past few months, Target keeps getting new board books every couple of weeks in their dollar section. I love it! I always pick up a few books for him when we go to Target. If you are not a parent, or haven't purchased board books recently, you may not know how costly they are! I would say they average between 6-10 dollars! That is a lot of cash for colored cardboard! So, way to go, Target! Somehow you figured out how to make cardboard more affordable!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I am so glad...

I am so glad that I don't remember when I got my teeth in. Jackson, who, as most of you know, is always a happy boy, is not so happy today. He is in so much pain. Not one...not two...not three, but four teeth are coming in all at once.In this photo, taken on Sunday, Jackson had really swollen gums, and, at one point on Sunday, they were purple and bleeding. Poor guy! He made the best of it, though, and blew raspberries with the blood in his mouth. Nice.

So far, one tooth has popped through on the bottom, and one tooth has popped through on the top. Two more to go....for now!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Wonderful Discovery!

Today I discovered Jackson first tooth! I will get a picture of him with his first tooth as soon as it comes up all the way! Just wanted to document that! :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Anyone need a car?

Troy and I are selling our 2000 Ford Escort ZX2. It has about 105,000 miles on it, new tires, new brakes, manual transmission (save $$$ on gas), and aside from Troy's parents, we have been the only owners. We are selling it for $2599, OBO. If you are interested, please leave a comment, or contact me via email or phone (if you know me, you will know those details!).

Jackson is 10 months!!!

I know. I know what you are saying..."What?!? When did THAT happen???" Well, at least that is what I am saying! Jackson is two months away from being a whole year old! I can't believe how fast the time has gone!
So, to update all the fans of Jackson out there in blogger world, here is the offical 10-month update. Jackson is still toothless. He is THIS close to walking. He stands up on his own on occasion and will walk holding only my finger with one hand. He has said a few words. Well, actually, he says a lot of words...we just don't understand most of them! He has said "bye" which actually came about months ago, and he has also said "mama" (in reference to me! Yea!), "kitty," "cat," "dog," and "doggy," which comes out "oggy." He also said "I love you" once! You don't believe me??? We have the proof on video! I wish I had Troy's skills because if I knew how to get that video off the camera onto this computer, I would post it! It was amazing!

Aside from words, Jackson has learned to say "more" in sign language. We taught him this so he could tell us if you wanted more food, juice, cuddling, books, etc. He uses it for everything he wants. It is so cute! He will do the "more" sign for more food, and then clap when you give it to him. He is so precious!Jackson loves his daddy. He squeals with excitement and crawls to Troy every day when he gets home from work. He wrestles with him. He even claps or laughs when Troy comes into the room...I think its because Jackson thinks Troy is going to do something funny (and he usually does!). I would say, aside from me, Jackson is Troy's biggest fan!Now, I am sure that every parent thinks that their kid is the smartest, cutest, funniest kid in the world. I'm making no claims here, but I will tell you that he figures things out really quick. For example, when I was running the bath water for him, I put him in the bath, and get grabbed his rubber ducky, stuck it under the running water, and somehow figured out how to position the ducky to where the water would shoot off the tail of the duck and into his mouth. That is genius! I mean, I sure haven't thought of that!

Speaking of baths, Jackson gets more excited about getting a bath everyday. He will crawl into the bathroom when I ask "Do you want a bath?" and climb up to the tub and squeal with glee until I put him in.
I have made it a part of his routine to give him baths every night before bed. He seems to go down quicker if I do this. When we put him to bed, we give him his doggy and he sleeps through the night. That is right...he is STILL sleeping through the night! Can I get a big "PTL"? Seriously though...praise the Lord! We prayed many nights for this to happen on a regular basis!
Well, I believe that sums Jackson's tenth month up! Again I will say how much of an amazing blessing it has been for Troy and I to see this precious gift from God grow everyday! I could have never imagined the joy that comes from being Jackson's mom!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Born to be a Trojan!

Troy and Jackson dressed to celebrate the first USC game on Saturday. Jackson is a third generation Trojan fan...he just doesn't know it yet!Troy gives Jackson the low-down on the art of being a Trojan fan. Jackson makes sure he listens closely.