Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our Staycation

You may be asking yourself, "What is a staycation?!?". Well, to define it, a staycation, as I was told be Troy on Saturday, is when you can't go away for a vacation, so you stay near to home, but get "away" anyway. That is exactly what Troy, Jackson, and I did this weekend. On Friday morning, we headed to Disneyland and spent the afternoon there. Then we headed to the Hilton in Costa Mesa and checked in for a one-night stay. After checking in, we headed out to Corona Del Mar beach for our church's annual beach night. We stayed at the Hilton one night, and in the morning, we headed to Roger's Gardens in Newport, and to Ruby's Shake Shack at Crystal Cove. We topped that off with a Harvest High School Reunion to visit all of Troy's friends he had in the Harvest youth group back in high school, and a trip to Chick-fil-a. All in all, I had a wonderful weekend spending time together. Troy has been working on Tuesdays and Thursdays (teaching/lecturing), so I have missed him! Here are some picture from our "staycation." Enjoy!Jackson looked awfully cute in these sun glasses...too bad he wouldn't keep them on!Me, Jackson, Troy, Michael and Genevieve on the Train. This was Jackson's first time on the train and he was absolutely amazed by it!Jackson and Uncle MikeJackson and Troy having some fun in the hotel roomJackson was very excited about staying in a hotel room. The first thing he did was jump on the bed and squeal. The next thing he did was crawl from one end of the room to the other. After that, he discovered the sliding glass door.Jackson looks into the sunset at Corona Del MarPastor Robert shows off the rattle snake he killed and skinned on his property. He brought it to cook on the fire. Yum. The guys all said he tasted like chicken. I must admit, I had no interest in verifying that.One of my favorite things to do at the beach...singing around the bon fire.Me and my boy!Genevieve and IKirsty and IKirsty and Jackson looking at the waves (funny...they both have the same expression on their face. )The Autumn display at Roger's GardensIf I were to buy a garden hat, I would buy this one.This was the most amazing rose I have ever smelled! It's too bad you can't smell it!Troy and I enjoying the relaxing ocean breeze while sitting in the gazebo at Roger's Gardens. Here is a random fact...the gazebo there is actually the original Disneyland bandstand. It was originally right at the beginning of Main Street, and was moved due to the fact that it blocked the view of the castle. It was moved several times to different locations in Disneyland, then finally moved to Roger's Gardens in the 70's.The view from Ruby's Shake Shack at Crystal Cove

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