Monday, December 31, 2007

Farewell, 2007.

There is just a few moments left of the year 2007. I must say that this year has gone by quicker than any other year of my life. Perhaps it was because it was the first year in a long while that I haven't worked. It could be because I was pregnant from February until November. Maybe its the fact that this year was only 1/23 of my life. Whatever the reason, I find myself wondering where the time has gone. I can't believe that I am a mother of a beautiful baby boy and the wife and a wonderful husband (2 1/2 years!). God has blessed us so much this year. I am reminded of how I don't deserve any of it, and because of that, I am so grateful for it all.

Well, even though it makes me sad to see Dick Clark struggle to do the count down, I'm going to see the ball drop on TV! HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!

December 2006
December 2007
Its funny how much changes in one year!!!
Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Here comes Santa Claus!

Troy, Jackson, and I had a wonderful Christmas this year. Christmas Eve was a wonderful day of fun at Disneyland and we spent Christmas Eve night wrapping presents. Jackson gave Troy and I a wonderful Christmas present by going to sleep at 11 PM, not 2 AM. We woke up Christmas morning and Troy and I exchanged gifts while Jackson cried because he was fighting a nap. Even though he was wailing, and I was trying to rock him to sleep while opening gifts, Troy and I still enjoyed the exchange and Jackson eventually went to sleep. (Does anybody have an idea why babies fight sleep???) Midmorning, Troy's family came over and we ate breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon, and biscuits. We then exchanged gifts with Troy's family. After all this, we headed to my Grandma's house in Hemet. We opened gifts and ate a delicious meal consisting of a fresh turkey, stuffing, gravy, Au Gratin potatoes, my grandma's potato casserole, green bean casserole, salad, fruit salad, rolls, pies, and flan...mmmm! The family was bummed out because my mom got sick and couldn't come....I'm sure my mom was more disappointed than anyone! But, we had a good time with my aunts, grandmas, dad, sister, and brothers. My grandma told one of my friends that it was the best Christmas she's ever had. This was the first time she had all the family over for the holiday.

David got Jackson a really adorable Santa outfit, so, of course he wore it! So cute!!!

Our Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve mean Jackson sitting in Daddy's lap!
Delivering all those gifts wore Santa out!Our little gift is under the tree!
We hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

Jackson goes to Disneyland!

Troy and I bought Disneyland passes on Christmas Eve and we wanted to share the experience with Jackson. He saw Billy and the Hillbillies in the Saloon in Frontierland and even met
Mrs. Claus face to face! He loved the lights on the big Christmas tree. He even got to see the castle all decorated for Christmas. Jackson tried on a Mickey hat, but he has a bit to grow to fit into it. Troy and I are looking forward to when Jackson understands all this and shows excitement for it all!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Congrats, Joey & Kirsty!

On Friday, I took part in Joey & Kirsty's wedding. It is such a blessing to see these two united together in marriage! Kirsty made such a beautiful bride! May God bless their marriage!!!

I wanted to take more pictures, but I dropped my camera, so it doesn't work anymore! If you want to see more pictures of the wedding, you can see the professional ones taken by Marlin Munoz ...he takes AMAZING photos! We hope to get family photos with him in the Spring.

Daddy's Little Boy

I just wanted to say that I have a wonderful husband who is an amazing father. I love you, Troy!

All Smiles!

Our little Jackson can be so cute! He has started to smile when he is awake (he has been smiling only in his sleep). The other day, I was away from him for the first time almost all day and when I held him after feeding him he looked at me with big eyes and a beaming smile! It was like he was really happy to see me! It melted my heart! Of course, I have yet to catch a smile on camera, and since they come and go so quickly, I doubt I'll get one until I can more consistently make him smile. However, I still have a cute picture to share! :) Enjoy~ I know I do!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmastime is here!

On Friday we went to a Tacky Ski Sweater/Caroling Party hosted by David and Robyn. It was Jackson's first Christmas party, so of course he had to dress up for holidays---in a spiffy little ski sweater! He looks like a little man in it!
We continued our weekend with the Citrus Group Christmas party. We went to San Diego for this party. It was Jackson's longest car trip yet and he did just fine. Although, on the way back, David ended up stopping in a Park n' Ride so I could feed Jackson...he was really hungry and was very verbal about it! That was awkward...feeding in the car. It was awkward mainly because it was so uncomfortable for me and Jackson. I'm sure I'll get better at feeding him in those situations!
At the Citrus Group Party, our Jackson met Kimm's Jackson! It was great to get them together! I also found out that another friend named her son Jackson! I suppose thats just reassurance that Troy and I picked a good name!

Friday, December 7, 2007

1 Month!

Jackson is already 1 month old! I can't believe it! The days have gone by so fast! Perhaps its the lack of sleep that makes the time pass so quickly! Even though our little Jackson doesn't quite know the difference between night and day yet, he is still such a blessing! We love him so much!