Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4 Years of Bliss!

July 2 was our 4th anniversary! We both decided this would be a great oppurtunity for us to take a night away from Jackson (I had never done that before). Michael and Geneveive came to our place and stayed with Jackson overnight. Although he ended up going to sleep around 12am in between then in our bed (he wouldn't stay in his crib), and, reportedly kicked Michael in his sleep all night long (sorry about that!), it turned out good. Jackson had a lot of fun with his "Mike and T(ia)" who took him swimming and when to see the ducks down the street, while Troy and I had a lot of fun spending much needed time together watching the sunset on Newport beach and staying in the Ayres Suites. I enjoyed the R&R so much that I think we need to do this again REALLY SOON!

On that note, Troy, my amazing husband, who I enjoy spending time with so much and love even more than the day we got married, is such a blessing to me. The thing I love about him most is his genuine love for Christ. Because that love is so real, it resounds in every aspect of his life, especially in how he loves Jackson and I. I thank the Lord for the man He has made Troy! He finds joy in everything, even the simplist of things! I love that! I have immensely enjoyed these last 4 years of marriage and look forward to many more! Happy (late) Anniversary, my Love!

Speaking of love...Troy got a pedicure with me. We both found it relaxing! Now, that is a REAL man! :)...I don't know if I have a comment for this photo...
My 29 wk pregnant self!After taking pictures of the sunset, we enjoyed shortbread cookies and fresh strawberries! It is was delicious!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Day @ the Aquirium

Jackson and a Giant Sea Bass...did you know that this fish has the same life-expectancy as humans?

Last week, Troy and I took Jackson to the Long Beach Aquarium. June 30th was the last day to get in for $10, which was a stinking-good deal! Jackson absolutely loved and and he still talks about the sharks, fish, octopus, and divers that he saw. He also wants to wear his shark outfit a lot. He wore it to the aquarium, so I guess it is special to him! Jackson also saw "Crush" at the aquarium...or, in other words, a sea turtle.
For lunch, we went to Boston Pizza, which was really good pizza. It was right next to the aquarium and we had noticed the restaurant when we were up in Canada, so we were curious about it. It turns out that the company started in Canada and they have really good pizza! After the aquarium, we walked around a little shopping center and ate frozen yogurt, and then when to Jenni's house to hang out after that! It was a summer day!Jackson counts the sharks!Troy feeds a Lorakeet.
Jackson feeds a Lorakeet. He did a "happy dance" after this. He was thrilled!Jackson really enjoyed his pizza!A family photo in front of The Queen Mary.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Troy @ Home

Troy's last day as a "9-5-er" was June 26th. For some of you who may not have heard, Troy is now a full time Professor of Communications at a Christian college close to us. It is such a blessing that he got this job! He gets to be home with us through August 27th, minus a few days of meetings for the new school year. He has to work on his syllabuses for his classes, but other than that, he is a free man! Starting August 27th, though, he will teach, which is one of the things he loves to do the most. I am so glad that he has been blessed with the opportunity to do that!Last week was the first week he was at home....and it was so much fun! We spent so much time together! On Monday, we made a day of getting Jackson a hair cut, getting a cold summer drink at Starbucks, and just hanging out. Sometimes you just need time like that, you know? I am going to enjoy, yet cherish, and not take for granted these sweet summer days spent together!

Monday, July 6, 2009


Every year, Troy MC's our church's youth conference talent show. This year, like last year, Jackson went up on stage with him. Jackson loves being on stage! I'm almost appalled by it, but then I think about the fact that he is very much like Troy! Troy asked Jackson questions and Jackson answered them, in the mic, without hesitation! He even got up on the side of the stage at one point and started dancing to the Super Mario Bros theme song! In this case, I can truly say, "like father, like son!"

Disneyland Birthday

My birthday was last month as well. The plan was for me and Michael (who is my twin, thus having the same birthday as me), Genevieve, Me, Troy, Jackson, and Jenni to go to Disneyland for the special day. Michael, sadly, got sick, and couldn't come, so Troy, Jackson, Jenni and I went. David and Robyn met us there as well. I got in free, so we put that towards our passes. Yea! We had a lot of fun, mainly because Jackson had so much fun and it is a joy to watch his face light up at Disneyland! He loves the train and is very found of Crush now because of the "Talking with Crush" attraction. He always quotes Crush by saying, "Duuuuude!"

Happy Birthday, Nolan!

Last month was Nolan's 7th birthday, so we had Angie and Nolan over for dinner and dessert. We got Nolan some cupcakes for his birthday and had leftovers for Jackson to enjoy the next day. He enjoyed the cupcakes....blue frosting and all! At least it matched his Spider-man shirt!

Trader Joe's Speghetti O's

Trader Joes started carrying canned Spaghetti O's. Jackson loves them, and so do I, I must admit! He recently had quite the encounter with them....

Mud Run

Troy, the brave soul, signed up to do the Camp Pendleton Mud Run in June. Although he had almost no time to work out due to his busy work schedule, he still went through with it! My husband is a man of his word! So, on the morning of June 6th, Troy ran a 10k race with hills, mud pits, rivers, and some pretty rough terrain. I waited with a few friends at the finish line and was VERY PLEASED to see him cross it! He ran it in an hour and fourty-two minutes, which was better than the time he set as a goal! He was pretty much covered from head to toe in mud. His teeth even had mud in them! He really enjoyed the experience and would like to do it again....I'm still not sure if I will join him!

Catching up!

Oh! I have been terrible about updating this blog lately! I have been so busy that the blog has been put on the "back burner," so to speak, and I always seem to forget things on the back burner! Well, not to worry! I just uploaded some *brand new* photos from my camera and am about to display them here! These photos are of Jackson just being silly!Concerning Jackson, he is 20 months old now. I can hardly believe that he is 4 months away from turning 2 years old. It almost seems absurd the way time has flown by so fast! Jackson's personality is coming out more and more everyday. He is showing himself to be more and more like Troy, and that is a good thing! He is very, very social and loves the world around him. He gets excited over things that may seem ordinary to anyone else, just like Troy. I think that is one of the things I like most about Troy, so to see that trait in Jackson is a joy! Jackson is also recognizing letters and colors now. His favorite letters are "H" and "T". His favorite color seems to be yellow. He also has an obsession with Disney Pixar's Cars and anything and everything having to do with that movie! If you ask him what Lighting McQueen says, he immediately replies, "KA-CHOW!" Jackson has just become found of Thomas the train. He asks Troy and I to tell stories about Thomas before bedtime and nap time. He loves when we include Jackson and all his friends in the story. His eyes light up when we mention his name. It is sooooo sweet!Jackson has also started to attend the toddler Sunday school class at our church. The class technically is for 2 and up, but when Jackson turned 18 months, I decided I would sit in there with him. Its worked out pretty well. As long as he sits in my lap, he stays put! He is starting to sit an listen longer. He loves to listen to the Bible stories and color with the other kids. He even has learned the answer to the first Shorter Catechism question, "Who made you?" If you ask him that question, he responds, "God!" On that note, I am pleased that is he learning these things. Troy and I pray everyday for him! So far, Jackson has taken a liking to praying. I think it comforts him. He always prays with us before bed time and always prays with us before meals. If we forget to pray, even if we are half-way through the meal, Jackson will make sure we pray! He holds out his hands and says, "Pray! Pray!" very urgently! It seriously melts my heart. I pray that this interest in listening to God's Word and praying to God continues as he grows!