Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Day @ the Aquirium

Jackson and a Giant Sea Bass...did you know that this fish has the same life-expectancy as humans?

Last week, Troy and I took Jackson to the Long Beach Aquarium. June 30th was the last day to get in for $10, which was a stinking-good deal! Jackson absolutely loved and and he still talks about the sharks, fish, octopus, and divers that he saw. He also wants to wear his shark outfit a lot. He wore it to the aquarium, so I guess it is special to him! Jackson also saw "Crush" at the aquarium...or, in other words, a sea turtle.
For lunch, we went to Boston Pizza, which was really good pizza. It was right next to the aquarium and we had noticed the restaurant when we were up in Canada, so we were curious about it. It turns out that the company started in Canada and they have really good pizza! After the aquarium, we walked around a little shopping center and ate frozen yogurt, and then when to Jenni's house to hang out after that! It was a summer day!Jackson counts the sharks!Troy feeds a Lorakeet.
Jackson feeds a Lorakeet. He did a "happy dance" after this. He was thrilled!Jackson really enjoyed his pizza!A family photo in front of The Queen Mary.

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