Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4 Years of Bliss!

July 2 was our 4th anniversary! We both decided this would be a great oppurtunity for us to take a night away from Jackson (I had never done that before). Michael and Geneveive came to our place and stayed with Jackson overnight. Although he ended up going to sleep around 12am in between then in our bed (he wouldn't stay in his crib), and, reportedly kicked Michael in his sleep all night long (sorry about that!), it turned out good. Jackson had a lot of fun with his "Mike and T(ia)" who took him swimming and when to see the ducks down the street, while Troy and I had a lot of fun spending much needed time together watching the sunset on Newport beach and staying in the Ayres Suites. I enjoyed the R&R so much that I think we need to do this again REALLY SOON!

On that note, Troy, my amazing husband, who I enjoy spending time with so much and love even more than the day we got married, is such a blessing to me. The thing I love about him most is his genuine love for Christ. Because that love is so real, it resounds in every aspect of his life, especially in how he loves Jackson and I. I thank the Lord for the man He has made Troy! He finds joy in everything, even the simplist of things! I love that! I have immensely enjoyed these last 4 years of marriage and look forward to many more! Happy (late) Anniversary, my Love!

Speaking of love...Troy got a pedicure with me. We both found it relaxing! Now, that is a REAL man! :)...I don't know if I have a comment for this photo...
My 29 wk pregnant self!After taking pictures of the sunset, we enjoyed shortbread cookies and fresh strawberries! It is was delicious!

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