Thursday, February 19, 2009

Its about time... give you all an update! Of course I am speaking of an update (mostly) about Jackson. He is now 15 months old! He is no longer a baby! He is a little boy! (Boy---is he ever!) It seems Jackson's vocabulary grows by at least 5 words a week. It is pretty amazing. This boy is like a sponge. He sucks up everything! His favorite words lately are "house," "Noah," "Nolan," "teeth," "bath," "duck," "meow," and of course, "Mama," and "Dada." That is just to name a few. He is on his way to being a very good communicator. I wonder where he got that from?

Some of his favorite things to do right now are brushing his teeth, watching "Mo" (Elmo) on TV, reading books, especially books with Elmo, Big Bird, and Abby in them, singing the "Rubber Duck" song from Sesame Street, doing the "Itsy-Bitsy Spider," and cuddling on the couch with a blanket, a good book, and his mommy and daddy. Here are some photos with more about what Jackson (and Troy and I) have been up to lately...
Jackson cuddling on the couch with "Mo" and a good book. It turns out that his buddy "Mo" is a good reading partner!One of Jackson's favorite things to do is "drive." He loves to get in the driver's seat and move the steering wheel. Don't worry, though...he doesn't do this without very close supervision, and without the car on, I might add. It is really cute, though...when we get in the car he says, "!"One of Jackson's favorite toys is a ball-popper thing. It has a fan in it that makes the balls pop out of it into the air. It is pretty cool, actually! (Thanks, Di!)
One of Jackson's favorite places to sit now is the bear chair. My grandpa made each of us kids one when we were little, and now Jackson is using mine. That means a lot to me!
Jackson is very, very fond of Nolan. He will wake up saying his name over and over again. He will randomly ask for him. It is really cute, and I think Nolan is very honored that his cousin likes him so much. Troy mentioned to Nolan a few weeks ago that Jackson really liked his toys, and Nolan replied, "It's probablly because I'm his favorite cousin." I am pretty certain he takes pride in that. Speaking of Nolan, please remember to continue to pray for him and Angie, as they are still going through such an immense transition to life without Mark. They need to be lifted up in prayer daily. For updates on how their lives are going, visit
Jackson loves Cassie, and Cassie is like his nanny. She gets worried if he cries, but, sometimes will keep a safe distance. She lets Jackson pet her, though. She is a good kitty to have around little ones! Instead of cat (pronounced "at"), Jackson is now calling Cassie "Meow" because he knows we think it is cute.
This is random amoungst all the Jackson stuff, but Troy and I FINALLY got to go out on a date after months of going without one. Under the circumstances of the last several months, we never got to go out together. At the end of January, we had the oppurtunity to go out to for dinner at PF Changs and a movie. We went to see Mall Cop, which was a clean, and silly comedy. That was just what we needed to see.
Due to the circumstances of December, our annual Citrus Group Christmas Party was postponed until the end of January. We all had a great time, and I was amazed that Kimm kept her Christmas decor up all through January just for the occasion! At the end of the night, Jackson took it upon himself to snag a whole wall of the ginger bread house. Don't worry folks...after a few bites, I threw it away!
This is just a cute picture of Jackson taken at Polly's Pies. I had to include it somehow.This is the first sonogram of our little baby # 2. The two "x's" mark the crown and the rump. The baby's heartbeat was happy and healthy! This was taken two weeks ago at 8 weeks.

Jackson has become a fan of dips and sauces. Int his photo, he had just discovered ketchup. He loves Cholula, a mexican hotsauce, on his eggs. I tasted the stuff and it is spicy! But, he loves it and begs for more! When Jackson is dipping his food in something, he loves to say "dip" over and over again.This little boy has recently discovered his old car seat. We have it sitting on the office floor due to lack of storage space. He will climb in it every chance he gets, while giving us a silly grin!
Jackson has the most beautiful eyes (at least I think so!). I had to put this picture up to show them off. Also, his hair is getting thicker and blonder as it grows, and, as a result, he gets pretty crazy hair after a nap (as shown above!).

This first photo is from 6 1/2 weeks along in my pregnancy, and the second was taken today, at 10 weeks. I think I started to show overnight (and, no, I am not sticking out my stomach...I am actually holding it in...) I thought it was just me, but when I walked into the MOPS meeting today, my table leader/friend said "oh are showing!" I suppose this picture is proof. I am glad to say I still have only gained 3 lbs, and 1.5 of those pounds was just in the last week and a half.

So, there is a pretty long update! I am sorry I haven't been posting blogs as often. Quite frankly, sometimes I would rather be sleeping! :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Maybe... listed a few reasons why women tend to have severe morning sickness. I found it interesting because of what I have been going through. The three reasons below I found to be of interest specifically to me. The first two because they are true, and the third because I do have a little hope! :)

• You have a history of motion sickness.
• You have a history of migraine headaches.
• You're carrying a girl. One study found that women with severe nausea and vomiting were 50 percent more likely to be carrying a girl.

Pregnancy Update - 9 weeks!

I am now 9 weeks pregnant. This pregnancy has already been very different than my first. I got sick almost right after I found out I was pregnant (around 5 weeks) and have been nauseous on a consistent basis ever since. Of course, that includes visits to the porcelain throne. Word of the wise: strawberry ice cream tastes wonderful on the way down, but not the other way around. The smell of BBQ sauce makes me want to puke, and of course, that is one of Jackson's favorite things to dip his food in right now. Oh, yes, and I am breaking out like I am 13 years old again! With my pregnancy with Jackson, I had such a clear complexion. Another difference from the pregnancy before is that I am not gaining much weight (yet!). During the first few weeks of my last pregnancy, I gained 7 pounds (I know...that is a whole lot!). I have only gained 1 1/2 lbs this time around. The OB/GYN told me on our first visit last week that sometimes a pregnancy that is a lot different than a previous pregnancy may mean the baby is a different gender. This would mean that we would have broken some HUGE odds of have ALL boys. However, the doctor did add a "But, you never know," after that statement. So, you know what is totally amazing about what is forming inside me? This little baby already has little fingers and toes, and is even growing teeth! HERE IS A LINK to view video of a 9 week old baby inside the is pretty amazing! This makes all this sickness soooo worth it!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Few More Old Favorites

Here are some photos I got from David from our trip to Joshua Tree in October of last year. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Some Old Favorites

David gave us some pictures last night that he took with his fancy-schmancy camera. Some of them are from last summer, and some are from Jackson's birthday. It was hard, but I picked out some favorites just to post on the blog. Jackson has grown so much since all of these photos were taken! Its amazing!Happy, Happy Boy!
Jackson and his favorite book of all time, "Grumpy Frumpy, Happy Snappy!" I got it from the dollar section at Target a while ago.
I love his expression here--- David caught a classic Jackson look!
I love the angle of this picture! It shows our excitement as parents.
Just a friendly face!
"Rolly, Rolly, Rolly!"
Troy, Jackson, GG Billie, Me