Thursday, February 12, 2009

Maybe... listed a few reasons why women tend to have severe morning sickness. I found it interesting because of what I have been going through. The three reasons below I found to be of interest specifically to me. The first two because they are true, and the third because I do have a little hope! :)

• You have a history of motion sickness.
• You have a history of migraine headaches.
• You're carrying a girl. One study found that women with severe nausea and vomiting were 50 percent more likely to be carrying a girl.


Kristy said...

I always thought that morning sickness meant girl too. Everybody who had it bad had a girl. But I was the exception to that rule. I had a great pregnancy. No morning sickness AT ALL. And I have a history of motion sickness. Go figure.

Jon and alyssa said...

I thought for sure I was having a girl due to the fact that I had no morning sickness. But I was having a girl!