Friday, May 30, 2014

Mom's Night Out Review

It was kind of strange to see a movie that was pretty much my life.  Before going on a rare date with my hubby to see Mom's Night Out, I called him, panicked.  This is how the conversation went:

ME: The movie starts in 45 minutes!  I haven't showered yet!  Owen just peed on the floor!  Dinner isn't ready!  PLEASE tell me your on your way home!

TROY: No.  I'll be leaving here in about 10 minutes.

ME: (Hitting my forehead on the wall and sighing loudly.) Why do I even try?!?

TROY:  Oh, Love!  Don't give up!  I'll be there soon!

So, if you have seen the movie, doesn't that scene sound familiar???    I would never say that I'm "not happy," as it was stated in Mom's Night Out, but stressed would be a common word I use.  I love being a mommy, homeschooling, etc.  I even enjoy cleaning house and cooking, when I'm not interrupted fifty times before completing a task. It's just hard work.  Work that never, ever, has a break.  Except when you go out on a date, but it seems like it's so hard to let go of that stress even when trying to leave for that date!

The movie was a bit more stressful than I would prefer, but seeing it to the end was worth it.  After all, I never thought that Trace Adkins could make me cry.  (I don't cry much.  Ask my husband.) By the end of the movie, I was reminded more than once that what matters is that I am His.  And even though they didn't go into this detail in the movie (which is's okay that the Gospel wasn't thrown at me in a movie made by Christians!), I am covered by Christ's grace.  My identity is in Him.  He has covered this mess of mine with His beauty.  I was reminded to stop beating myself up and comparing myself to this view I have of what I should be.  Just do what God created me to do.  Be a mom.  Not a perfect mom.  Just be there.

If you are a mom and haven't seen this movie, I would recommend it!