Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Quotable Jackson

Jackson got sick the second night I was home from the hospital with Owen.  Poor kid.  He just kept throwing up.  He got so upset each time he threw up saying, "I don't like this!"  "This is not fun!"  Then, finally, he summed up the experience by declaring, "Even bad guys don't like to throw up!"  Well said, Jackson.  Well said!

Our First Date

Troy and I went on our first date since having three kids on my birthday last month.  Our friend and neighbor, Mendy, was nice enough to watch all three kids!  We went out at Jackson and Madelyn's nap time and saw Midnight in Paris and did a little mall shopping.  It was so nice to get out and actually be able to hold my husband's hand!  All in all, it was a great date and a great birthday.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Curly Madelyn Sue

 Madelyn's hair has grown quite a bit in the last couple of months.  I haven't received a "Oh!  What a cute boy!" comment about her in a while, so that is a sign that Madelyn's little curly locks make her look more like a girl.  :)  To me, she has always looked like a girl, even when bald!  When her hair is wet, it almost reaches her mid-back and when her hair is dry, her curls touch the top of her shoulders.  I love her sweet curls!

And the "Trilogy" is comlete!

The most common questions that Troy and I get as parents of three are, "How are Madelyn and Jackson doing with a baby?" and "How's it with three?"  To answer those questions, I would have to say Madelyn and Jackson are doing wonderfully with their little brother.  Both of the ask to hold him, which is really sweet!  Madelyn with get up on the couch, put a pillow in her lap as if she is preparing to sit with the baby, and says, "Baby!" while patting the pillow.  That is her precious way of asking to hold her brother.  Jackson asks to hold him and look at him all the time.  He often asks if he is awake and why he sleeps so much.  I know Jackson looks forward to the day when he can play Hot Wheels with his brother!

 As for parenting three very little ones, we are doing just fine.  Of course we are in somewhat of a haze due to lack of sleep, but that is to be expected.  When we tell people the ages of our children, we often get the comment, "Oh!  You two are busy!"  Of course we are! We knew we would be and really wouldn't have it any other way now!

Bath Time! (Owen's First Water Bath)

When Owen got his first bath in the infant tub last month (don't worry...he has had plenty since then!), I knew he enjoyed himself.  This wasn't because he let out coos of delight or smiled at me as I put him in the water because he didn't.  He fell asleep.  That's right!  As soon as his little body was surrounded by the warm water, he closed his eyes and fell fast asleep.  I'm pretty sure this is just a sign of the laid-back personality that he seems to have.  What a joy is has been to get to know this little one!

Our First Outing

For our first attempt to get out of the house after Owen was born we headed to the Dos Lagos shopping center.  (This was back in June!) It could be the 20 minute drive or the hills surrounding the location, or perhaps the two lakes that reflect the sunset that makes us feel like we are on vacation while at this shopping center.  We ate frozen yogurt at Pink Berry and took a very short walk to the waterfall in between the lakes.  The sun was setting and the air was cool...the perfect atmosphere for a walk!  We also took our first family photo (besides the hospital photo) as a family of five.  At the end of this trip, Jackson said, "Mommy, I'm glad you can come out with us again!"  After nearly 8 weeks of staying home on bedrest, then recovery, so am I!