Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Madelyn @ 18-19 months

 Madelyn has become quite the independent little girl.  She loves doing things on her own, even when she really does need help, and she entertains herself very well.  She has developed such a sweet personality.  She loves ALL animals and expresses so much joy when she sees them.  She gives all her stuffed animals and baby dolls kisses all the time and takes care of them while pushing them in her strollers.  We didn't teach her that.  It certainly came naturally to her!
 Madelyn's hair has grown as well.  When wet, it is a few inches past the bottom of her neck.  It has a mind of its own (like on this recent trip to Disneyland), but most of the time, it naturally curls up in ringlets.  So stinking adorable, if I must so say myself!
 This little girl has always been a good eater, but, like her brother, she has a great love for Chipotle!
 Madelyn says a great deal of words now.  She is also starting to combine more words.  She, or course, can say, "Kitty-Kitty", doggy, monkey, ducky, bath, teeth ("eeth"), Mama, Dada, Jackson ("aack-on"),  cracker ("cra-ka"), broccoli, cookie, and she says the cutest little phrase if she wants up on something..."Upp, peas!"  :) She also is starting to call our cats by name, Abby, Olive, and Cassie.  One of her favorite characters is Lightning McQueen from Cars and every time she sees him, she exclaims, "CAR!"   Obviously, a big influence from her older brother!
 Madelyn converted from two naps to one this month.  At first, the transition was a tough, but a much needed one.  She started to give up her afternoon naps and then was super grumpy by dinner, so I knew it was time!  Now, she takes one nap in the afternoon, the same time as Jackson.  In theory, this is good because I can take a little nap.
 When I was sick with pneumonia in January, Madelyn and Troy really bonded.  She really loves her Daddy!  If she doesn't see him in the morning because she didn't wake up before he headed off to work, she asks for him throughout the day.  She also waits by the living room window, keeping on the lookout for her Daddy when it is time for him to come home.  The look she gives him is priceless!
Madelyn's other favorite person is her brother.  This picture illustrates her love for him.  She loves sharing with him (most of the time!), and wants to do everything he does.  Of course, this proves to be a little much for Jackson at times, but he embraces most of it.  She loves to copy him in the way he moves and talks.  Jackson loves telling knock-knock jokes and whenever he does, she chimes in, "knock-knock!"  They are starting to play together well, with a little scream or cry every few minutes.  Mostly, they just giggle together!  I love to see their relationship grow.  It's one of the sweetest perks of parenting!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Great Quote to Remember...

 A friend of mine, Kimm, posted this on her Facebook status.  Seriously a freeing qoute.  My efforts will still go on, however, its a great reminder that in the end, God does the work!
"When God calls our children to come to him, even if we haven't gotten it all right, even if we've trained little Pharisees or have a house full of prodigals, nothing is impossible for Him. He can break though all our flawed methods and redeem all our frail efforts." Jessica Thompson/Elyse Fitzpatrick -Give them Grace

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Disneyland March 2011

 After being in the house for several weeks due to illness, we decided to head to Disneyland.  Both days we went were perfect weather!  We took Jackson and Madelyn to Tom Sawyer's Island for the first time---although I think Jack Sparrow took the island over.  They both loved climbing all the rocks and crossing the bridges.  Troy was a good sport and took them up in the tree house.  What a guy!     We also took them to the Muppet 3D Show in California Adventure.  Jackson really liked it and laughed hard with Fozzie the Bear got a pie in his face.  Troy and I both realized how bad the show is, though.  It is kind of all over the place, and doesn't really have much of a plot.  But, hey---its a comfy chair to sit in for a few minutes!  Here are some more photos from the outings...
 Madelyn looks up to her big brother.  She loves him so much!
 Madelyn in exploring mode.
 Jackson with his daddy on Tom Sawyer's Island.
 That's my boy!
 Up in the tree house.  I'm so glad I didn't have to try to climb up there!
 Traditional Disneyland Family Photo
 The aftermath...
Waiting to see the Muppet Show
 Sweet Girl!
 Climbing the rocks
Mr. Blue Eyes


On Sunday I fixed Madelyn's hair for the first time.  It is now "long" enough to put into two pigtails.  She actually sat in my lap without moving and let me fix her hair!  Amazing!  I tried to get a better picture of her, but she was too busy playing!

Yes, I'm pregnant.

Just a few days ago, Troy was talking to our neighbor who sees us all the time because he lives across the street.  Troy mentioned that we only had 9 weeks left until we met our new baby.  The neighbor then said he had no idea I was pregnant.  Ummmm....thanks, I guess, but I'm hoping I'm pregnant with this belly I'm carrying around!  (Picture taken at 30 1/2 weeks)

Thursday, March 17, 2011


"Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28
I have never gone several months without a new post on this blog.  I suppose that shows how busy and sick my family and I have been.  Sorry folks.  This blog took the "back burner" when it came to dealing with life!  With a new baby coming, I'm hoping (and praying) to get things back into a routine and going again.  After all, this is the first time we ARE NOT moving 1-2 weeks after having a new baby!  Isn't that awesome???  My goal is to have things as organized as possible for the arrival of baby Owen.  I must say that having this goal in mind has been somewhat humbling because I know I cannot do this myself.  I know that I need God's help.  The verse from Matthew posted above has been a great encouragement, as well as prayer.   However, I need the help of others as well.  This has been hard.  Blame my pride.  It's hard for me to ask for help!  The truth is, I limp around most days because of hip pain from a previous injury that won't go away.  And, of course, there is the exhuastion that comes along with pregnancy.  Oh, and there is the fact that I don't want to end up with HELLP Syndrome again.  So, with all those factors coming into play, I must hush those prideful voices in my head and ask for help.  If you can lend a hand or two, please let me know!  My household routines have fell to the wayside this year because my family has been well for only two weeks out of this year so far.  It sounds ridiculous, I know.  We've never been sick this much, but I guess these things happen sometimes!  I have 10 weeks---if it goes as planned---and we know from experience that doesn't always happen---to get things organized!

And, because I don't like to post without photos, here is one for your enjoyment: