Thursday, October 13, 2011

Owen is 5 Months!

As Owen interacts more with Jackson and Madelyn, I enjoy seeing the dynamics of our three-kid family grow!  He loves to be in the mix of things, whether its in his jump-a-roo watching his brother and sister play, on the floor, rolling around with his siblings, or listening to a bedtime story with Jackson and Madelyn.  I believe Jackson has made Owen laugh more than anyone and Jackson offers to "watch" his brother on a regular basis.  This, of course, just consists of him sitting next to him while Owen plays with a toy.  Nevertheless, it's cute!  Madelyn always says, "Hi, Owen!" whenever she sees him and then proceeds to talk to him.  I'm not sure what she says, but it sure makes Owen smile!
It's been a while since I blogged about Owen, so here's a quick update to get you up to date: 
-He started rolling over from front to back a little over a month ago. 
-Just like his brother, he loves standing up.
-He now weighs a little over 14lbs.
-When I put him on his stomach, he tries to be very moblie, almost doing an army crawl.  He can get his butt up in the air, and he can lift his head, shoulders, and tummy up in the air, just not at the same time.
-Owen loves to hold onto something while going to sleep.  So far, he loves the Teddy bear that his Aunt Jenni gave him.
-He loves his jump-a-roo.  He just sits, there and plays.  He doesn't jump.  He actually is just content to watch what is going on in the world around him.
-Per his pediatrician's instructions to he would sleep better, we started Owen on cereal.  He now gets a healthy helping of oatmeal, applesauce, probiotics, and flax-seed meal at night.  Now to add the other meals!  (By the way, it didn't help...he still wakes up every couple hours.  We have to work on that!) 
-Owen sat up very briefly yesterday on his own, just long enough for me to snap a photo! (Pictured below)
-At two months, Owen was diagnosed with Infant Acid Reflux and given Zantac to treat it.  I have since discovered that this effected his digestive system, as his diapers were far from normal.  Per his pediatrician's instructions, we weaned him off the Zantac.  We then started giving him probiotics to see if that would help.  He seemed to be doing okay, but recently has started to violently gag again at night.  Hence, one of the reasons why he is waking up so much.  And so the sleepless saga continues!
-During the day, Owen is an extremely happy baby.  He always smiles at anyone and everyone he looks at.  He has such a sweet and easy-going personality and its been such a joy to get to see it develop!
-This past week, Owen waved hello to our friend at church.  I couldn't believe it when she told me, but she got him to do it again!  And, then we told Troy and he did it again!
Here are some photos of the last couple months for your enjoyment!
 On his way to Oak Glen!
 In the jump-a-roo
 Big, strong boy sitting up on his own!
 Brothers and buddies!
 Owen's first feeding of cereal.
 Lounging at the beach!
 One of his favorite pastimes...chew on his feet!
Wrestling with his daddy.  He had him pinned.
We truly thank God for this little gift to our family.  We enjoy this little one so much and look forward to seeing him grow even more.  I must say though, I see how fast this growing happens, and it churns up bittersweet feelings!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Quotable Jackson

Referring to the lullaby, "Rock-a-bye Baby,"  Jackson said to me last night, "That song is weird.  Rocking in a chair is WAY better."  I would have to agree.