Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Owen @ 10 Months

I can barely believe it myself.  My youngest child, my last little baby, is only two months away from turning one.   Owen is ten months today.  He is still such a sweet little baby.  I am trying to cherish these last days that he is an infant, but he seems to want to become a toddler all too soon!  He still is crawling, although he took a couple steps on his own this month.  His main goal of crawling it to get to an object to pull himself up on.  He loves to stand next to his brother and sister while they play or watch TV, like he is one of them.  It is so cute.  Owen gets such joy out of his siblings.  I know I say that every month, but the expression of his joy keeps increasing.  When he sees his brother and sister now, he makes a deep chuckling sound.  Certainly it is a sound of satisfaction because he does the same thing when he discovers he can climb something or open a new cabinet.

Owen's attachment to me and only me has dwindled a bit, which is nice.  I can still be in the room and not be the one holding him.  Although, he still prefers me, he just doesn't make as big of a deal of it.  He is definitely a social little man.  He thrives on crowds.  He doesn't want to miss a thing, which is why it is very hard to put him to bed when we have guests over.  He is also very content.  He will play on his own in his pack-n-play for 30-45 minutes, as long as someone is in the room with him.  This really helps me get the dishes done!

Owen's favorite sounds to make are "dada" and "ba."  He says "BA!" when he is referring to an object or thing, like our cats.   His favorite things to do are crawling, standing, getting into cabinets, playing with his brother and sister, eating, and going outside.  He makes an "Oh, oh!" and jumps up and down when he hears the keys when we are going outside.  Speaking of going outside, he loves going to the park and swinging on the swings.  He giggles and laughs the whole time.  It is simply precious.  He also likes to bounce/dance when he hears music.  Owen loves to drink from his sippy cup, and everyone else's sippy cup if it is in reach.  He still loves to smile at everyone who he sees.  He loves to eat food in general, but his favorites this month are chicken nuggets, meatballs, homemade beans (Yes.  He now rejects canned beans---in fact he prefers his meatballs homemade as well!), banana spears, sweet potato spears,  and any sort of sliced fruit.  He also still loves broccoli, so much so that I have to hide the broccoli if I want him to eat anything else.  I'm not complaining about that!

Owen is still pretty small in size, but the doctor said he really just thinks he has a really, really fast metabolism.  So, fast, though, that he goes through nutrients like iron quickly.  He was anemic at his 9 month appointment and in a few days he has a iron check, so I'm hoping with all the red beans and meatballs that I've been feeding him, that has improved.  He is just now growing out of some of his 6 month and 3-6 month clothes, although some of that is still too big around the waist.  The doctor mentioned that with boys, their size now may not matter in regards to how big they will be as an older child or adult.  Who knows?  He still could grow up to be 6'2" like most of the males in his family.  He got in two teeth this month, but he seems to be working on a few more.  I will be telling people this for the next 2 years.  :)

It is a bittersweet knowing that this sweet baby only has a few months of infant-hood left.  I am soaking it in as best as I can.  I have seen with my third child how fast this time really goes!  So, without further ado, here are some photos from the last month for your enjoyment!

Owen tried a homemade chocolate chip oatmeal cookie the other day.  He liked it so much, he went cross-eyed.  

Couldn't resist taking a picture of this cute diaper-butt!
One of Owen's favorite toys. 
Big boy standing up!
Soak in the cuteness!  :)