Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Troy @ Home

Troy's last day as a "9-5-er" was June 26th. For some of you who may not have heard, Troy is now a full time Professor of Communications at a Christian college close to us. It is such a blessing that he got this job! He gets to be home with us through August 27th, minus a few days of meetings for the new school year. He has to work on his syllabuses for his classes, but other than that, he is a free man! Starting August 27th, though, he will teach, which is one of the things he loves to do the most. I am so glad that he has been blessed with the opportunity to do that!Last week was the first week he was at home....and it was so much fun! We spent so much time together! On Monday, we made a day of getting Jackson a hair cut, getting a cold summer drink at Starbucks, and just hanging out. Sometimes you just need time like that, you know? I am going to enjoy, yet cherish, and not take for granted these sweet summer days spent together!

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