Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmastime is here!

On Friday we went to a Tacky Ski Sweater/Caroling Party hosted by David and Robyn. It was Jackson's first Christmas party, so of course he had to dress up for holidays---in a spiffy little ski sweater! He looks like a little man in it!
We continued our weekend with the Citrus Group Christmas party. We went to San Diego for this party. It was Jackson's longest car trip yet and he did just fine. Although, on the way back, David ended up stopping in a Park n' Ride so I could feed Jackson...he was really hungry and was very verbal about it! That was awkward...feeding in the car. It was awkward mainly because it was so uncomfortable for me and Jackson. I'm sure I'll get better at feeding him in those situations!
At the Citrus Group Party, our Jackson met Kimm's Jackson! It was great to get them together! I also found out that another friend named her son Jackson! I suppose thats just reassurance that Troy and I picked a good name!

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tiffany said...

Hola Melissa. You son is adorable! I just found your blog!! It is so much fun. I really enjoyed looking through your pictures and reading your blogs. The sweater picture is great, what classy looking dames!