Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Jackson is 10 months!!!

I know. I know what you are saying..."What?!? When did THAT happen???" Well, at least that is what I am saying! Jackson is two months away from being a whole year old! I can't believe how fast the time has gone!
So, to update all the fans of Jackson out there in blogger world, here is the offical 10-month update. Jackson is still toothless. He is THIS close to walking. He stands up on his own on occasion and will walk holding only my finger with one hand. He has said a few words. Well, actually, he says a lot of words...we just don't understand most of them! He has said "bye" which actually came about months ago, and he has also said "mama" (in reference to me! Yea!), "kitty," "cat," "dog," and "doggy," which comes out "oggy." He also said "I love you" once! You don't believe me??? We have the proof on video! I wish I had Troy's skills because if I knew how to get that video off the camera onto this computer, I would post it! It was amazing!

Aside from words, Jackson has learned to say "more" in sign language. We taught him this so he could tell us if you wanted more food, juice, cuddling, books, etc. He uses it for everything he wants. It is so cute! He will do the "more" sign for more food, and then clap when you give it to him. He is so precious!Jackson loves his daddy. He squeals with excitement and crawls to Troy every day when he gets home from work. He wrestles with him. He even claps or laughs when Troy comes into the room...I think its because Jackson thinks Troy is going to do something funny (and he usually does!). I would say, aside from me, Jackson is Troy's biggest fan!Now, I am sure that every parent thinks that their kid is the smartest, cutest, funniest kid in the world. I'm making no claims here, but I will tell you that he figures things out really quick. For example, when I was running the bath water for him, I put him in the bath, and get grabbed his rubber ducky, stuck it under the running water, and somehow figured out how to position the ducky to where the water would shoot off the tail of the duck and into his mouth. That is genius! I mean, I sure haven't thought of that!

Speaking of baths, Jackson gets more excited about getting a bath everyday. He will crawl into the bathroom when I ask "Do you want a bath?" and climb up to the tub and squeal with glee until I put him in.
I have made it a part of his routine to give him baths every night before bed. He seems to go down quicker if I do this. When we put him to bed, we give him his doggy and he sleeps through the night. That is right...he is STILL sleeping through the night! Can I get a big "PTL"? Seriously though...praise the Lord! We prayed many nights for this to happen on a regular basis!
Well, I believe that sums Jackson's tenth month up! Again I will say how much of an amazing blessing it has been for Troy and I to see this precious gift from God grow everyday! I could have never imagined the joy that comes from being Jackson's mom!

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Rachel said...

How exciting that your little one is doing so much! I can tell you are a proud mom! Two months more and you will be telling us baout his very first birthday party!