Thursday, September 25, 2008

The reason why I take pictures...

The woman who was our Jungle Cruise boat operator at Disneyland on Friday told Troy and I that if we were going to have more kids, we would need more cameras. She said this because while we were riding the Jungle Cruise, I had the camera out snapping photos of Jackson, and Troy had our video camera out recording him. The Jungle Cruise is currently Jackson's favorite ride at Disneyland, which is special to us because Troy was a Jungle Cruise operator at one time. Anyways, this lady thought we were taking too many pictures and was obviously annoyed by it, even though she said somewhat sarcastically that she was "just kidding." My thoughts on this are if I have a camera, and want to take pictures of my child, I can take as many as I want. Most of you know that Troy and I like to be creative, so getting behind the camera gets those creative juices flowing! The truth is, I was annoyed by her comment and I had to vent. I am sure you all don't mind all the pictures I take! And, don't worry...I'll keep on taking them!

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