Thursday, September 18, 2008

Book Worm

Jackson loves books. He loves books more than toys, it seems! He will sit by the bookshelf in his room and go through all his books, over and over again. Then, he will ask me or Troy to read a book, and before we know it, he has several books stacked on our lap to read to him! It is sooo cute!

For the past few months, Target keeps getting new board books every couple of weeks in their dollar section. I love it! I always pick up a few books for him when we go to Target. If you are not a parent, or haven't purchased board books recently, you may not know how costly they are! I would say they average between 6-10 dollars! That is a lot of cash for colored cardboard! So, way to go, Target! Somehow you figured out how to make cardboard more affordable!


Runningamuck said...

I totally agree! Buy the $1 books from Target and you won't get upset later when they get chewed or drooled on. lol. I need a "fresh" batch so I'm going to hit Target today. Thanks for the reminder.

Hazeleyessue said...

Exactly...and boy do they get chewed and drooled on! Glad I could remind you! :)