Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lets Go, Angels???

Last Friday, we attended an Angels game in hopes to see them win their 100th game of the season. It ended up being the worst game I have ever seen. The Angels lost 12 to 1 to the Texas Rangers. The worst thing was, by the time second inning was over, the Rangers were up 8 to 1! The Angels just let the Rangers walk (or run...) all over them! It was horrible. And then the Angels lost 4 to 1 to the Red Sox tonight...don't get me started....we can't have those Red Sox winning!!!!
Oh, and one last thing I was quite peeved about... I saw Propel waters for 6 bucks at the Angels Stadium. I asked the vendor why they charged that much. Defensively she said, "because it is food and hospitality...we are bringing it to the Stadium." I told her that it wasn't very hospitable to charge that much for a bottle of water. She didn't like that comment. Poor lady. She truly believed it was OKAY to charge THAT MUCH for just a WATER!!!

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