Thursday, February 25, 2010

Adventures in Potty Training

A few weeks ago, we started to potty train Jackson. It had gotten to the point where he was spreading his legs to urinate and you could actually hear him go---he was going that much at once! Diapers were no match for that amount of liquid all at once!
The first day of the training I had already decided there was no going giving up and no resorting back to diapers (except for naps and bedtime). This day was the hardest. We had several puddles on our floors, went through several changes of clothes, and at the end of the day, I was wondering if Jackson would get the concept yet. But, by the end of the second day, he was going just fine and only had one accident. By the third day, he was TELLING me he had to go on his own. He went # 2 in the potty and was very please with himself. But, by the fith or sixth day, Jackson started to go #2 in his pants. He started to hold it in because of one painful potty time. Constipation plagues him unless I pump him with fiber. I'm still finding creative, low-sugar ways to do this. Now, I'm giving him so many chances to chow down on fiber, he can't "hold it in" for days at a time, but, he still is going in his pants. We even will smell him and know that he has to go. We put him on the potty and he refuses to go, saying he doesn't have to. Ten minutes later, we discover he has gone in his pants. He doesn't want to put a diaper on, though. It is hard enough to convince him that he still needs a diaper for naps and nighttime. Soooo...I'm running out of ideas here. Its been suggested that we bribe him. We promised him Hot Wheels tracks if he goes, and he likes that idea, but it obviously isn't enough to encourage him to go in the potty. Going in his pants isn't as bad as going on me, which happened a few days ago. He stood up, refusing to sit on his potty, and well, just let it all out. Ewww. I think I would rather clean up throw up. Anyway, I'm hoping this situation improves soon. The fact that he won't even put a diaper on to go really makes it challenging. At least he is "pee-trained"! Does anybody have any suggestions on getting him to go #2 on the potty? Should we actually get the Hot Wheels Tracks and put them up so he can see them? I hope something works soon!

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Casey said...

Not sure if this will help ... Mercy gets constipated too. I was told by the doctor to use mineral oil (found by the laxative section). It's not a laxative, but it makes going "easier". As for getting him to go on the potty rather than in his pants, bribing really could work. We used a sticker chart for Mercy since she LOVES stickers. I've heard of pennies in a jar or small pieces of candy. At this point anything will do. If bribery is off the table, then you may just have to make him sit there longer! It's sad and frustrating, but worth the time. If you know that he ends up going ten minutes later, instead of putting his pant back on, leave him in just is underpants (when possible) and then grab him and rush him to the toilet when he actually starts going. Strange, I know, but then you just throw a big party when he does it right. I did this with Mercy when she at first didn't want to got #2 on the potty. Within a couple of days she was more comfortable. It definitely needs all your attention until he gets it. It took us a week for initial training, and then we continued the stickers for a couple more weeks. She became a pro and now she practically doesn't need my help. Let me know how it goes and what you ended up trying, even if it's not what I suggested. :)