Sunday, February 28, 2010

What Does it Matter?

Often I find myself frustrated because I can never keep my kitchen clean. Or my laundry pile under control. Or organize the ever-growing piles of paperwork in the office. Or organize my time. Or organize anything for that matter. I find that most people will say the same things in response to my frustrations. First---that it will happen in time, and second, that it doesn't matter in the long run. But, what if it DOES matter to me? What if it stresses me out to see the kitchen a mess (and when I say a "mess" I mean it looks that a miniature tornado passed through the kitchen and destroyed everything in its path.) It does matter to me when my husband looks in his empty underwear drawer and asks if he has any underwear to wear...I had no idea he was even out because I'm not that organized. It does matter to me to be organized....I want to be organized so we don't loose important tax papers or my keys---including a very expensive automatic key for our Camry (both of which happened this week). It matters to me because when life is chaotic, I FEEL it, like a weight on my shoulders. It makes me weary. I suppose it is okay to fail at things and in the long run, it may not matter that much. But, I think it is okay to conclude that my life, and my family's life would be a whole lot better, that is, it would run a whole lot smoother if I was more organized. Perhaps I should go visit, like several have suggested. I've looked at the site before. Maybe I will get inspired once more. I guess I am learning to show myself some grace. I do have a toddler and an infant. My attention is constantly on taking care of them. As my mom reminded me the other day, they are my MINISTRY. I'm just thankful that even when I lack the ability to show myself grace, God continues to show me His grace.

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Jon and alyssa said...

I know what your going through, minus the toddler. I'm as far from organized as they come, but I have found that little things go a long way. Like in the mornings, I set the baby up in her high chair giver her breakfast, and make my coffee and clean the kitchen at the same time. I may not get it "spotless" but it looks much better than before.

Goals are also a big deal to me, like Mondays I always know that is the day to wash the bedsheets. Small manageable goals throughout the day help me feel like everything is not falling apart.

And like you said your family is you ministry. Yes, that includes all the other stuff that goes with it, but being there and loving them is the priority!