Friday, February 5, 2010

Madelyn @ 5 Months!

This post is a bit overdue! Madelyn turned 5 months old back on January 26th, but as I always say, better late than never! She has turned into such a sweet, even-keeled baby for the most part, aside from some "stranger anxiety", but that is to be expected at this age. A little less than a month ago, after she was waking up through the night every 1 1/2 - 2 hours, we decided to try giving her some rice cereal. She loved it and is now waking up on average 1-2 times a night, with the first feeding time being between 3-4. Let me just say that I have experienced months without REM and I'm not sure how I functioned, mainly because I don't remember most of that time! She is happier, Jackson is sleeping better (so he is happier), and Troy and I, of course, are happier because we are getting better sleep!
Aside from sleeping better and eating more, Madelyn is gaining weight. She has chunky thighs now, which is extremely adorable to me! Jackson never got chunky. I told Madelyn that she better enjoy her chunky thighs now because this is the only time they are considered cute! :) that I'm typing that out, that seems a bit insensitive of me...
Madelyn is also laughing now. It usually takes some provoking to get her to chuckle, but lately, she has been giggling as I change her diaper and giggling at her brother when he plays with her. I love to see their interaction! Its priceless!
As far as sitting us goes, she is almost there, but she still needs support for the most part. As far a rolling over, she can roll over from her back to her side and almost from her stomach to her back.
She is already showing personality differences from Jackson. She is more reserved, but if she feels good, she will talk your ear off. Sounds like a girl, right? :)
I still marvel at the fact that I have a girl. It was said that my husband's family just doesn't have girls, but God obviously had other plans for us. I love dressing her in coordinating outfits and I love how at just 5 months old, she is already really girly!

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She is such a little cutie!