Friday, December 26, 2008

Last Disneyland Trip....

We took our last Disneyland trip of the year in the beginning of December. Our passes expired this week. :( Here are some of the photos:Our family photo in front of the FAKE Christmas tree at Disneyland. Yes. That's right...the tree isn't real this year. It is plastic. Sigh. It just wasn't the same.Jenni, Jackson and I in front of the tree...if you are worried that Jackson's feet were cold, they were, but that didn't keep him from pulling his socks and shoes off!
Jackson watched Fantasmic for the first time, and, boy, was he amazed! I don't think his eyes could get any bigger than that!
He couldn't smile for the picture because he was watching the show.
Jenni and I in front of the beautiful castle. They really did it up nice this year!
The fam in front of the castle.

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