Friday, December 26, 2008

Hollywood and Highland

Our favorite place to shop in Hollywood is Hollywood and Highland, and specifically at the GAP there. We went down to LA for a tour of a recording studio, then ate at Sharkey's, and headed to Hollywood and Highland. For the first time, I realized why my aunts, who live not too far away from there, don't ever seem interested in meeting us there. TOURISTS GALORE! And, I must admit it isn't the tourists that are bad. It is the people who are trying to get their money and their business. There are waaay too many random super heroes trying to get these poor tourists to snap a photo with them (for a tip only). I'm just going to be blunt here...I will never let my kid take a picture with a Spiderman who smells of alcohol and urine! NEVER! And, I am sure that Darth Vader is really cool to all the kids, but, Captain America and Flash...not so much! I won't even get started on the dirty cartoon character costumes. What parent is going to want a dirty Sponge Bob to take a photo with their child??? I also can't count the times we were asked if we wanted to go on a bus tour by the same people! So, to my aunts who read this blog. I completely understand why you two stay clear of this tourist trap!
With all that said, we still love the GAP there. I was disappointed, however, when I discovered that they had no good deals, so we decided to make the best of it and take some photos of Jackson there. APARRENTLY, that is not allowed, accourding to one of the employees there.

Jackson drank from a straw all by himself for the first time at Sharkey's. Big boy!Jackson modeling a silver GAP puffy jacket. Notice that it is a few sizes too big. That is they style with the kids these days. Its all the rage.Jackson and Uncle Noah.

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