Monday, December 8, 2008

Back in Sac

Last weekend, we headed up to Sacramento for Troy's Grandpa's funeral. The funeral went well. Troy got the opportunity to preach the gospel, and Noah got the opportunity to sing a few songs. It was a beautiful, clear, crisp day for the funeral and it was held in a beautiful location. It is always a great blessing to attend a funeral where the gospel can be shared.

It was a long trip there and back, but we made it through all right. Jackson just had to stop every few hours. Overall, Jackson was a real trooper, and let us know when he wanted to go outside by saying "mail." (He says "mail" for outside because I always go outside with him to get the mail...clever kid!).

We also went a few places in Sacramento. We went to Old Town and to another old mining town called Placerville. So, here are a few photos from our road trip.

Jackson and his Poppy take a nap in the back seat.

Pea Soup Anderson's
We stopped at Pea Soup Anderson's for some soup. Jackson really enjoyed his soup...
I mean he really, really...
really enjoyed it!
(And so did I!)
Jackson and Poppy...Hap-Pea, and Pea-Wee!

Old Town Sacramento
Jackson roaming the streets of "River City."The Fam on the tracks.The tracks.The American RiverOld TownWe found a really cool place to take photos!

"Momma, please?""Plllleeeaase?"
The Fam in the oldest hardware store West of the Mississippi...established 1847. They had the best caramels, too!
Jackson found a treasure amoungst the tools!What do you have on your head, Poppy?!?

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