Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A goal of mine...

...is to not become so behind in my posts!  I have been extremely busy, but I am hoping that within the next week, things are going to slow down.  Just a quick update on things, though....
~Michael got married to Genevieve on Saturday.  The wedding was beautiful and they both looked (and are) very happy together!  Troy and I were in the wedding party, and Jackson was a ring bearer.  He did a great job walking up the isle with the flower girl!  He also looked so spiffy in his vest and tie!
~We are still house-hunting.  We would like to buy a house before July 1st, but we know that is in the Lord's hands.  That is a comforting fact considering the house market  is crazy now!  Multiple offers on every good deal!
~Tomorrow at 6:15 in the evening, Troy and I are going to find out the gender of our baby.  Of course, knowing Troy's family history, I will be completely shocked it our baby is a girl!
~Another big thing has happened in our lives, but I can't put it in the blog yet for a few reasons, so once the time comes to announce it on the web, I will let you know what that "big thing" is!
~I got my hair cut...and look very different than before.  Some don't even recognize me!
~I can't find my camera changer.  When I find it, I will get photos up!
That is all for now!  Thanks for hanging in there with my blog in this busy time in my life!

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