Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Starbucks Mishap
After the prayer meeting tonight, Troy and I joined our friends Alistair and Lizette at the Starbucks next to our church. We had just ordered and recieved our drinks when somehow Lizette's hot coffee spilled on her and on Jackson. Somewhat due to our reaction, and to the hot temperature of the coffee on his skin, Jackson let out a loud shrill. He began to cry. Troy and I rushed him to the counter and asked for napkins and ice. When the Starbucks employees saw what happened, they gave us a damp, cool towel and ice. After we calmed Jackson down and saw that his foot was okay, we sat back down. Just as I was trying to put my straw through the lid of my Passion Tea Lemonade, the whole cup tipped over, opened, and spilled all over Lizette. "You have got to be kidding me!" I yelled out, and we all just started cracking up, except for Jackson. He was still sensitive from the hot coffee incident, so he started to cry again. I waited to get my drink replaced and we all ended up leaving, exhausted from the series of spills and shrills. The Starbucks employees were very nice about cleaning the mess, and didn't charge me for the second drink. However, I still think I may take a break from Starbucks for a few weeks. Perhaps a month. Oh, and next time, I will just order my normal drink....water. It doesn't leave any stickiness when spilled, and, for some reason, Starbucks water really does taste good!

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