Wednesday, May 20, 2009

All Things Girly!

Yesterday I picked up a baby nursery catalog at JC Penney's. In it, I found THE CUTEST bedding set for a girl's nursery. Of course, that is only a matter of my opinion! I don't like to have EVERYTHING pink for a girl. Its just too much frill. This is perfect because it has some pink, with other colors as well. It also is a darling, delicate design, and has butterflies (a big "plus" in my book!). So without further ado, here it is:
Isn't it pretty??? The set is called Alexis Garden, and I found it on JC Penney's website--- but we aren't going to have a registry there, so I am not sure how that is going to work out. Speaking of registries...I am so happy that we have a Babies R Us in our area now! They have sooooo much more than Target!


Kristy said...

Cute! I love the blue that they painted the room too. That would be an awesome accent color for photo mats or something.

Isn't girl stuff so much fun?!
If you need any clothes or anything, just let me know. I will start saving. (just had a garage sale...sorry)

Casey Angulo said...

Love it!

Runningamuck said...

Oooo Melissa, I love it! I think it's beautiful. As far as registering for it, you could still register at JCP just for that and have it included in your baby shower invites OR let family/close friends know that you want this crib set and they can include a "group gift" option in your invites. Then friends can either pitch in directly to the hostesses or buy a JCP giftcard as their contribution. Just my two cents.

And trust me, you'll get LOTS of things pink at your shower! Baby girls are just too fun to shop for and no woman can resist the pull of pink and ruffles. lol. Especially those of us who have had to buy boy stuff for soooo long. =0)