Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Visit with the Greats

Madelyn with her (L-R) Great Grandma Fran, and Great-Great Aunts Allien and Margaret.

This past month, my Great-Aunts Margaret and Allien came up for a visit with my grandma. This was a very rare and special visit because Margaret lives in Texas. It was great to have the sisters together and to listen to their banter! I was also thrilled that they all got to see Jackson and Madelyn. Madelyn especially liked sitting in Margaret's lap and Jackson enjoyed reading with Allien. They are their Great-Great Aunts. Pretty Amazing. It was "great" to spend time with my great aunts, aunts, and grandma. It was much needed family time!Jackson reads a good book with his Great Grandma Fran and his Great-Great Aunt Allien
Jackson helps his Great Aunt Di and his Great-Great Aunt Allien with the dishes...what a guy!Jackson and Grandma have a "picnic"
The family @ my Grandma Fran's house.
Jackson looks for lizards with Great Aunt Dinda at GG Fran's house. I have so many memories there. It was great to see Jackson make some of his own!
A pose with Great Aunt Margaret.All of us girls...Top to Bottom, L-R: Dinda, Di, Mom, Jenni. Next row: Allien, Margaret, Grandma Fran, Me, Madelyn.
One last hug from Great-Great Aunt Margaret!

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