Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Quotable Jackson: Swwweet Garage Sale Deals!

A couple of weeks ago, my friend and I stopped at a couple of garage sales. At the first one we went to, I let Jackson walk around because there were no breakables. He immediately started picking out things that he wanted. He then went up to the man running the garage sale and said, "How much?" What?!? This was his first time at a garage sale, so I don't know how he picked up on the way it works so fast! He found a brand new "Scene-it" game (still in the wrapper!) and a baseball glove that was just his size. The guy gave him both for $1...only 50 cents each! I ended up scoring a whole bunch of stuff for just 6 bucks at this garage sale, and I believe it was because of Jackson. The guy running the sale said to me when we were leaving, "You can such a good-looking kid!" Hmmm....maybe I should take him with me to garage sales more often!

Here's a photo of everything I scored for just 6 bucks!!!

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