Friday, May 4, 2012

Owen @ 11 Months

It feels as though Owen is running a marathon and I am running with him, only I need to stop to catch my breath and he keeps on running.  He is only a few short days from running that marathon of his first time circling the sun.  I know.  Sounds like a lot for his first year of life, right?  His eleventh month has been a milestone for him.  He started walking this month.  He also started saying  few more words ("nana" for banana," and he continues to say "ba" for ball and "keekee" for kitty).   He began to explore more things, which keeps me on my toes!  Yes.  He opens every cabinet, especially the pantry, several times a day, and will get into trash cans, toilets, or cat bowls, if given the opportunity.  Of course, I take those temptations away from him by closing bathroom doors---yes, we learned the hard way on that one---and getting trash cans and cat bowls off the floor.  I need to put locks on the cabinets, but have yet to do that.  

As you may guess from his exploratory behavior, he is interested in EVERYTHING.  He is a curious little boy with facial expressions to show off that curiosity.  He makes a "monkey face" when he gets excited about something or finds something of interest.  The "monkey face" I am referring to is when he gets wide eyes and puckered lips while making the sound "Ooooh.  Ooooh."  

In addition to the words Owen is speaking now, he also has learned some "signs."  I don't practice a huge array of sign language with my kids.  I just teach them "more," "all done," and waving goodbye.  He now does all three.  Oh!  And he started clapping this month as well!  We are working on blowing kisses.  So far, he just pats my mouth to blow the kisses. :)

Another thing that stands out in Owen's personality as an 11-month-old is that he is extremely cuddly and he loves to cuddle with his daddy.  When Troy comes home, Owen walks (or runs) to him and holds up his hands for Troy to pick him up.  Then he just sweet lays his head down  on Troy's shoulder and keeps it there.  It is so sweet.  When he gets up from naps, he cuddles me in the same way.  I really do treasure that.

I know that this time when he is small enough to hold in my arms is such a short time, and it still amazes me how fast it goes!  It doesn't seem like a year ago that I was a few short days from delivering my little Owen.  But, at the same time, it seems like life has always been with him.  He is such a part of our lives!  We thank God for the blessing he is to our entire family!

As with every post, here are some photos from this month to enjoy!

Owen's favorite thing to do: get into the pantry.  On a side note, the Gyro bowl doesn't always work the way they say it will in the commercial. 

 Owen never liked to be IN the walker, but it loves to hang around outside of it!
Owen also learned to clap this month.  Here he is clapping for his cornbread.  Like father, like son.
 Owen's first Easter basket included a board book about Jesus, a Sesame Street bath book, some organic cereal crunchy things, and an O ball.  He was impressed.
 Yes.  Most of Owen's baby pictures are with food.  He really likes food and is in his highchair eating quite a bit throughout the day!

 Yea for clapping!
 One of Owen's favorite chores is helping Mommy with the dishes.  :)
Owen and his daddy!
Owen when he first was walking.
And again. 
Owen likes to put food on his head.  I keep washcloths by his highchair for this very reason.
Again, his favorite place to get into is the pantry.  This time, I wasn't fast enough!

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