Monday, September 3, 2012

Troy turns 40!

A week before Madelyn turned 3, Troy turned 40.  He had a hard time deciding what he wanted to do to celebrate the beginning of his 4th decade.  So, two weeks before the big day, he decided on a party! (Yea for Pinterest!)  We had close friends and family come to celebrate with Troy, which was hard.  If he could, Troy would have invited a lot more!  Nevertheless, he had a blast!  Here are some highlights of his party and his birthday!
The chalkboard has been one of my best purchase out of the Target dollar section.
 One request of his was bottled know...the Mexican ones with the real sugar!
 A movie themed seemed to be fitting for Troy, so behold the "backyard film theme!"
 Striped bunting and hanging mason jars.  
 Troy's mom was kind and rented a popcorn machine for the party.  We were so glad she did!  It was such a fun thing to have!
 Homemade yellow cake with chocolate frosting.
 Semi-homemade red velvet cupcakes. (I made the frosting and added some "special" ingredients to the mix!)  I made all the toppers in Adobe Illustrator.
 Getting ready for the showing of Pee Wee's Big Adventure!
 My 40-year-old hubby doesn't look 40, does he?
 About to blow out his candles!
 Us.  With Cake.
 One of my favorite scenes...
 Silly boys.
 Good friends.  Just missing Scott!
 I gave Troy a year of dates for his birthday!  Looking forward to going on them!
 In N' Out!

 We ended Troy's bday weekend with a trip to the park.  The kiddos enjoyed it...

...and so did Troy!

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Carolyn said...

Fun to relive a happy event!