Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Owen Speaks

Last week, Owen approached the fine young age of 19 months. He has been talking for a while, saying sentences here and there. I will say now that it is official: Owen is talking. I can no longer keep up with all the new verbiage he is saying that we understand. His discovery of his communication skills is priceless! Yesterday while I was putting Madelyn down for her nap, I heard Owen in the kitchen saying, "Table! Table!" Then I heard his little feet shuffle into the hallway and soon he was by my side, pointing to the kitchen and saying, "Table!" I followed him to the kitchen to find our kitty, Olive, on the table as he excitedly exclaimed, "Kitty (almost inaudible "on") table!!!" I then said to Owen, "Oh! The kitty is on the table!" He grinned, nodded, did a little dance with his feet and clapped his hands at the discovery that I had understood what he was communicating. It melted my heart!

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