Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 14: Command Center Redo

I love organizing.  The one thing that I just can't seem to get in control of, though, is paper and mail.  The photo above is my "command center" I set up a few months ago.  Believe me, there was no commanding going on from that spot.  I had good intentions when I set it up.  I spray painted that cute white basket to the left of the desk and set up files to put all the incoming paper in.  I set up a tray with a cute pitcher that held all my pens.  The set up was all wrong.  A certain toddler of mine would always get into the pens and papers and a mess would be made of it.  The open basket for the files allowed my lazy self to stack things on top, behind, and all around the basket instead of in the proper files.  Like I said, I was all wrong.

When I was at Big Lots yesterday, they had this nifty file holder for five bucks.  You can't beat that!  It has two handles that the kids would have to undo to get into.  I'm hoping they give up and realize the files aren't worth the time it takes to get into the box.  :)  Now, for the files themselves.  I already had these in the basket before.  I did add a "Calendar" file to the box because this is where I will put Jackson's school calendar and invitations for events we are to attend.  The files I have put into the box are: Calendar, Bills to Pay, To File, Receipts, Troy's File, Melissa's File, Kid's File, and Taxes.  Inside the box is a little pencil basket perfect for my pens, markers, a little stapler, and scissors.  I got the file box idea from Pinterest, of course.  A Bowl Full of Lemons is a blog I discovered through Pinterest and has all sorts of ideas to organize.  I LOVE this blog!  (Click here to visit the "command center" post)

This is what goes in front of all my files.  It is a FREE printable that is very, very useful!  I just laminated it and I write on it with a dry erase marker.  I love that it gives you a time slot for everything, a list of goals, and a space to write scripture to meditate on.  Brilliant!  (To get that FREE printable, click here)  

It cleaned up rather nice, didn't it?  I bet you are wondering where all that paper went?  That, my friends, is for another post!  For now, I have my file box, a calendar hung up, a "shred" basket and a trash can.  Nice and neat.  Now, I need to try to keep it this way!  I have a system!  I just have to use it!

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