Monday, February 4, 2008

A Date..Wahoo!

Last Friday night, Troy and I dropped the boy (as we so affectionately call him) off at Troy's parents' house and headed to The Crossings for dinner and a movie. We stopped short of the Crossings when we came across NYPD Restaurant. I hadn't had pizza in a very long time because Jackson was a bit sensitive to it. I decided to go for it again! If you don't know about NYPD (New your PIZZA Department), let me tell is sooo good! The pizza is served New York style...big and floppy slices and they have amazing fresh baked bread there with roasted garlic that you spread on it. The owners are from New York, so they know what they are doing! If you haven't tried it yet, I recommend it!
After stuffing ourselves with pizza, salad, and bread, we headed to see the movie Juno. We enjoyed Juno's spunky wit and the fact that she didn't abort her baby because "it has fingernails" was nice too. I'm not sure if Juno was the best movie of the year, but it was a good one. We enjoyed it. That's my review.
Following the movie, we headed over the Barnes & Noble to spend a gift card Troy had. He purchased "Bill Cosby, Himself." If you haven't seen this, I recommend it. Bill Cosby is a crack up! I love the part when he is talking about going to the dentist. I also picked up the book Baby Laughs by Jenny McCarthy. So far, besides the bad language every other page, I relate to the book. Anyhoo, the night was fantastic! Although it wasn't our first date since Jackson, it was the first time I felt free! I had so much fun with Troy...I love spending time with him! "He's the cheese to my macaroni." (-Juno)

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April said...

I love that B. Cosby video. I laughed so hard when I watched it last which was like 10 years ago. I remember some of the lines about the dentist too. So funny.

Glad you all got a date. We'll look forward to Friday with yall.