Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Good Eats

Troy found a gem in the Canyon Springs (60/215 freeways) shopping center in Moreno Valley (err...I mean Riverside. It should be considered Moreno Valley.) This gem is called Jason's Deli..hence the logo at the top of this blog! I ordered the half beef dip sandwich (easy mayo...to be healthy) and Baked Lay's with the salad bar. I must say that their salad bar was impressive and the sandwich was wonderful! All that food was only $7.99! I look forward to eating there again! Apparently, Jason's is in a lot of other states, so they seem to be doing good business. Oh..and another thing...they have Dublin Dr. Pepper on tap there. If you like Dr. Pepper, you should know what that is, but, if you don't its Dr. Pepper made only in Dublin, Texas with pure cane sugar. Thats something special! So...what are you waiting for?!? Go try this place out! Its in the shopping center across from Hooters...I HATE that I am using that as a reference!

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April said...

Hey, that's out our way! We have yet to eat there. Thanks for the recommendation we'll have to try it out.