Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Getty Villa

Last Saturday, we went to the Getty Villa. Troy and I had gone to visit this beautiful museum of antiquities before, but the rest of our group hadn't. I really enjoyed seeing it the second time around. I love to see the gardens, and the statues of Muses are quit amusing as well. After the museum, we ate at Duke's in Malibu. I was a bit disappointed because smoke surrounded the restaurant. We couldn't see the ocean and I believe it made Jackson more ill than he already was. But, the food was great and the Hula pie was AMAZING!A happy family photo....not that we have any sad ones!Jackson's favorite part of the museum was the pool that he got to cool off in!Jackson with his Nana and PoppyJackson checked out every nook and cranny of the Getty Villa!He climbed the stairs, as well, and, in his diaper, no less!The "ocean view"...a dim reminder of the weekend fires.
A smokey Malibu sunset.

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Lindy PRD said...

I drive past the Getty Villa every s often and long to spend a day there. Maybe sometime soon :)