Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Janis and Jason's Wedding

We attended Troy's old friend, Jason's wedding on Saturday. It took place in Pala, which we discovered is such a beautiful part of California! Orange and grapefruit groves were scattered the valleys, along with meadows of grass and oaks, and avocado trees covered the hills. Here are some pictures from the occasion.Shortly after this picture was taken of Janis and Jason, Jackson kept saying "uh-oh" and "oh, wow," so Troy and I had to take turns taking him off to the side so he couldn't be heard. We had a photo shoot to entertain ourselves!

The wedding was beautifully simple. The decor was kept simple because the nature around the ceromony and reception was so georgeous! Troy and I decided we wanted to come back to Pala sometime in the near future.

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