Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Seattle Trip (Part 2)

This really only covers the last day and a half of our trip, but we did a lot in that time! We went to the Experience the Music Museum, which, in my opinion was awesome! It was a great place to go with kids because it was so interactive. There was a whole section of the museum devoted for hands-on experience with different instruments and musical/vocal equipment. We all had tons of fun there. There was also a Jim Henson exhibit there, which Jackson really enjoyed, especially the part when his daddy became a muppet...Jackson's favorite instrument to play at the museum was the drums. He does have great rhythm!
Jackson was amazed at the muppets. He quickly figured out that his daddy was one of them.Next, we went up the Space Needle. It was a beautiful view from up there, but it wasn't as high as I expected. I suppose I would have been more impressed if I hadn't already been up to the top of the Eiffel Tower! Never the less, it was a good experience!

This is the view from the Space Needle, facing Mt. Rainier. It was a gorgeous, sunny day!The crew @ the Music Museum, with the Space Needle in the background.
Just before we left to catch our flight back to California, we stopped at a tea house. It was the cutest place, and best of all, it was peaceful and had good food! The boy cousins even posed in front of it (Jackson, Nolan, and Preston).I love how Jackson is actually smiling in this picture!(L-R) Nolan, Angie, Me, Jackson, Troy, Preston, Ryan, Jennifer. This is what I ate for lunch: a scone (with yummy lemon curd and raspberry jam), Bacon Asparagus Swiss Quiche, and frosty cranberry salad. Delicious! Of course, I had some English Breakfast Tea with it. The tea was very tasty because it was loose leaf tea.Angie, Me, and Jennifer in front of the tea house.Troy, Jackson and I in our last family photo before the flight home! Hope you enjoyed out photos from the trip!

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