Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas Day and More

I must admit that have three separate Christmases in one day is very difficult. Instead of feeling relaxed with the family, I felt rushed and stressed. What do all you married people do to spend enough time with both families at Christmas? If there is some sort of trick to it, let me know!

Of course, it didn't help that Jackson, Madelyn, and I were all sick, and Troy wasn't feeling all that well either. But, besides all that, we saw all of both of the families (except for my Grandma Fran...we missed her! And Mike and Gen!) in one day. I wish I had more time with both families. I wish Christmas was officially celebrated over two days, not one! Could we get that changed? :)

Jackson was ecstatic to open gifts. He absolutely loved the idea of getting toys and books, and wasn't so excited about clothes. That's a toddler for you! Although, I was excited about his clothes! Although, I must say, he was very proud to wear his new Thomas pajamas that he got from his GG Teddy. We were very blessed to get all that we received this year. It almost felt weird opening all the gifts because we couldn't afford as much for our families this year. But, it isn't about that really!

Christmas was a bit different for my side of the family this year because Michael wasn't there. Since him and Gen moved to Washington, they couldn't make it down for Christmas. We missed them! But, Jackson was able to open the gift they sent him via video chat. I'm thankful for technology!

I look forward to next Christmas when we aren't so sleep deprived and I can do more of what I wanted to do this season, like the Jesse Tree, a spin on the advent calendar. Here are some more photos from Christmas day....enjoy!


Michelle said...

Loved the pictures!
When Jason & I married, we decided that we would never jump from family to family for any holiday. We usually do Thanksgiving with his mom, Christmas Eve with my family, and Christmas Day with his dad. It has cut the stress of the holidays and we are able to have time with just our immediate family, enjoying our children, & all of God's blessings.
It was hard at first not seeing my family on certain holidays, but well worth it in the long run!

Stuff Parents Need said...

Hi there! Just visiting...your little girl looks close in age to my little girl. How old is she? Mine is 5 months old. Nice to meet you!