Friday, May 28, 2010

Jenni's A Grad!

My sister, Jenni, graduated from California State University Long Beach with her BA in Speech Pathology/Communicative Disorders on Wednesday. I am so happy for her! The whole family celebrated with her after the ceremony...including Michael who we haven't seen in 8 months! Here are some photos of the day...
Jenni and IThe six of us! (R-L Me, my dad, my mom, Tim, Jenni, Michael)
The four of us (plus one)!Uncle Mike and Madelyn enjoying eachother's company.
Jenni with the family!
Jenni is somewhere in this mass of graduates....towards the front.
Before the ceremony, we gave her a lei.
The hotel we stayed in (the ceremony was at 9am, so we stayed in LBC)

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