Saturday, May 22, 2010

Madelyn @ 8-9 Months!

Madelyn's personality has just blossomed this past month. She is the sweetest little girl! Not that she wasn't sweet before, but now she smiles more, cries less, and lets you know when she is happy in several different ways. A few of those ways she shows her happiness is cooing/talking. Her first sounds are basically a vitiation of "g" sounds---gaga, gagoo, etc. She also squeals with delight when she wants to show joy. One of the cutest things she does is bounce when she is happy. She will be sitting on the floor playing, and if I walk into the room, she with just start bouncing out of sheer joy. She also waves to people now. She does it in a way that she flicks her wrist and delicately twists her hand back and forth to create a waving motion, much like a queen or a beauty contest contestant. It is so adorable! She is almost crawling now. She will get on all fours and rock back-and-forth, but then she plops down on her tummy. I know she will get it soon enough and, believe me, I am in no hurry! :) Madelyn also loves to cuddle. Whenever she gets up from her nap or being in bed, she greets us with the biggest smiles, then when we pick up up, she snuggles her head into our shoulder. I LOVE that! One thing I don't love so much is that Madelyn's tear duct is still clogged. We will be taking her to her 9-month check-up next Friday, so we will find out what the doctor thinks we should do about it then. He told us several months ago that it should go away by itself and that most do, but if it doesn't by 9 months, they will surgically open it with a needle. Ouch. To my knowledge, though, it is a simple procedure. Madelyn will have to be put under, though, and I'm not that thrilled about that. We will see what our options are next week. In the meantime, I will keep on doing the massage and warm compresses with the hopes that it will open up in this next week. Please pray that it does! Here are some pictures from the past month for you to enjoy...

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