Thursday, November 11, 2010

Madelyn @ 13 & 14 Months

 Madelyn has truly blossomed in the last few months.  She is not only walking.  She is running.  She has a total of seven teeth, four on top, three on the bottom.  Her vocabulary is growing as well.  Her first words, of course were kitty, Mama, Dada, and hi.  To that, she has now added, bye-bye, baby ("bay-bay"), ball ("ba!") and her term for her blankie, "Key!"  She is trying to say a whole lot of other words as well.  She talks and babbles all the time now.  It is adorable.  She also has become more social.  She loves playing with kids and will go to MOPS and the nursery without a problem, for the most part!    She is so loving and cuddly.  I love that she lets us cuddle her!  Her favorite things are (in no particular order):
  • Her Blankie--She has it almost all the time 
  •  Going outside.  She is always happy outside.  She loves pointing out the birds, trees, stars, the moon, and plenty of other things.
  • Saying "Bye-Bye."  When outside, she waves and says "Bye-Bye" to every passing car.
  • Her kitties.  She greets them when a gleeful squeal every time she sees them. 
  • Bananas.  She can't hide her happiness when she sees me peeling one for her.
  • Her brother.  She looks up to him so much and shows him such an unconditional love.  Of course, she will let him know when she needs space, too.
  • Books.  They are her entertainment of choice.  And I love that!
  • Her daddy.  She greets him with a smile from ear to ear when he come how from work, and a cuddle, too!
  • Chipotle.  Like Jackson and her parents, she can't get enough of those rice, beans, and chicken!
  • Drinking out of Mommy or Daddy's cup.  She is actually very good out of it and never spills or spits liquid out, as long as we are holding onto the cup.
  • Her baby dolls and strollers. She pats the dolls gently and pushes them around in the strollers.
  • Just recently, she has become quite fond of a stuffed purple unicorn that one of her great-grandmas gave to her.
 Madelyn and her Blankie.
 Madelyn keeps growing curls.  When wet, her hair is an inch past the bottom of her neck!
 Madelyn just naturally loves to brush her hair.  She is such a girl! :)
 Having a laugh with her brother!
 ...and a cuddle, too!
 Watching life outside.
 Madelyn and one of her kitties, Olive, watch lizards together.
Eating bananas!

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