Monday, March 4, 2013

Pinterest Post: Mom's Surprise Party!

I've been holding back on my "weekly" Pinterest posts because I was busy planning my Mom's surprise 60th birthday party.  I had a nice Springtime luncheon with our family for her.  She was very, very surprised!  I was so happy to bless her in that way.  Pinterest comes in, of course because I used many ideas from Pinterest to make her party extra special, from the menu to some of the decor.  Here are some photos of the extra special party!

I used a lot of vintage table cloths and rose china for the tables.  

The first surprise...

(Skip to 1:10 for the "Surprise!")


The menu was a "laid-back Easter Sunday dinner" from my (LINK HERE)  I found this menu on Pinterest.  Instead of making the chicken myself, I let Costco make it.  I also replaced the pasta bake the menu suggested for Juan Pollo's potato salad (which is delicious!).  This way, I was able to focus on the other sides like the roasted asparagus and Brussels sprouts and the spinach-strawberry salad.  YUM!

To include my siblings who live out of state, we set up two laptops and Skyped with them.  This was the setup for the second surprise.  About seven years ago, the diamond fell out of my mom's ring at church.  Despite several church members looking over every square inch of the floor and the pews, the diamond was not found.  She hasn't worn her ring since.  I had my brother sneak it from her jewelry box and with the help of family, we were able to get the diamond replaced, the ring repaired, and get it all shiny!  My mom was soooo surprised!  See for yourself...

I loved her reaction!

Trying on the ring.


The cake was from Alberston's.  I usually don't like store bought cake, but I've tried this cake several times in the past and I loved it.  I knew my mom would like the light cream, the fresh strawberries, and the light and moist cake.  It really is delicious.  Well done, Albertson's!

My mom and I!

For the bunting, I folded paper doilies over brown string. I then brushed on a little Mod Podge on to secure the middle of the doily.  Very easy, but very pretty!  (Another Pinterest idea!)

I love to use chalkboards.  This time, I used one for a menu and one for a birthday sign.
Flowers always look great in pitchers! 
And in Mason jars!
The butterflies were used at my wedding reception around the cake table.  I was glad I could bring them out again!  The wooden blocks on the wall spell out "Happy Birthday."  The were made a while ago by my father-in-law and they can spell out several different things.  Very cool!
Overall, I really liked how my mom's party decor turned out.  Most of all, though, I enjoyed being able to bless her with so many surprises in one day!  Thanks to all the family who made that possible!


Anonymous said...

I was there, too. But I took all the pictures. Curse of the cameraman!


Carolyn said...

Beautiful party! You're a wonderful daughter and daughter-in-law!