Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My 3 1/2 Year Old

Today Madelyn is three and a half. This evening, Troy asked her if she could bake some cookies for us. She replied sweetly and quietly, "No 'cause I'm just a little girl." Troy then asked her if she was going to bake cookies for us when she was a big girl. I watched her blonde ringlets bounce up and and down and her big blue eyes grow even wider as she exclaimed, "Yes! Mommy I'm going to be a big girl, just like you!" My heart melted, of course! She grows sweeter everyday. Here are a few more things I want to remember about Madelyn, at age 3 1/2...

~She loves music. She can actually play her "carmonica" pretty well!
~ She sings everyday. Most of the time it is "Joy to the World" that she is singing or humming. What better song, though, to sing of Christ's coming!
~She still carries around her blankie.
~Madelyn loves her brothers so much and has a kind and caring heart towards them most of the time. She is motherly to Owen at times---and not in a bossy way, but in a sweet, nurturing way.
~She loves her cousins and friends and asks to include them in our prayers.
~Madelyn loves to dress herself. She loves to mix and match skirts and leggings. She doesn't like jeans and would wear a dress everyday if she could. She has a spunky sense of style!
~Her favorite colors are pink and purple. No surprise there!
~Her favorite toys are her pink trike and her toy kitchen and food.
~She loves her kitties, animals and any living thing. She shows concern and care for even worms or ants. I found her in the kitchen yesterday giving a stray ant a pep talk about finding his home.
~She is the girliest of girls, from loving painted nails to hair pretties to anything that sparkles, but she is very down to earth and will get dirty if she needs to. She loves helping in the garden.

Madelyn, at age three and a half is blossoming in all kinds of ways, and I love to watch her grow. I just hope she doesn't become a big girl too fast!

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